Talking ‘bout the Spawn of Satan that moves Among Us

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 17, 2013

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May your noses always smell out the truth, which leads you in the right direction.
It’s wonderful to see that our institutions of higher learning are engaging in the kind of research that the ordinary public can gain extraordinary benefits from. Of course, then there is Penn State that protected Jerry Sandusky and allowed him to flourish, like some kind of ambulatory, poisonous nightshade. Speaking of the administrators, their jobs and the paychecks provided are just more important than their honor or integrity. The lesson we can take away from this is that the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State are being funded and run by powerful and depraved interests. This is not untrue of a great many universities at this time. They are hotbeds of unreasonable philosophies and devilish research projects, as well as recruiting grounds for Satanic, intelligence agencies and soul and flesh devouring corporations. One of the things every fascist state has to seize control of, early on, is the educational system.
You don’t teach in these environs unless you suck the devil’s dick (sorry about the image but it is all too appropriate). You seldom lecture in these locations, unless you’re a parrot for some vested interest. It’s the same as it is in the music and other entertainment industries. It’s rare for anyone presenting the outspoken truth, to get a contract or a forum, in which to disseminate their message. Instead we get sold out whores, who perform as perverse parodies for those taken in by shabby glamor and juvenile stage magics. By now, any intelligent person knows who controls these venues and that is an indisputable testimony to their motivations concerning the rest of us.
I give the goings on in the film and music industry a casual eye, as I go from day to day and I notice things. I’m not going to go into the details of how I came to certain conclusions because I think the reader, most readers, is/are familiar with what I am going to say, or can intuit or research the matter, on their own; Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are all tools of the dark side. They are joined by a bloated number of their associates, who equate the desire for greater power and exposure with, ‘by any means necessary’ and there is little they won’t do to get what they want. Hollywood is a steaming swamp of Satanism and Scientology, along with every possible expression of sexual perversity. It’s worse than you know. In most cases, people gravitate toward all of these things because it grants them entree to the circles where the movers and shakers hang out.
As a result of the novels I write, I have made a serious study of sexual psychopaths and their connections to governments, established religions, law enforcement, mass media and the entertainment world. The connections are there and can be found by anyone taking the trouble to look into it. It’s a well known fact, among those of us who have taken the trouble to research it, that anytime a scandal breaks, in which children are sexually abused, disappear, or ritually killed, in the process of the investigation, the investigation gets quashed, once it starts to enter into areas of inquiry, where the influential and important are to be found. This has been the case all over the planet and especially so in the U.S. and the U.K. What you can intuit and presume from all of this, is that there is a fairly large cabal of powerful individuals, who engage in the practice of ritual Satanism, for the purpose of self advancement. Particular forms of behavior are required, in order to cement the practitioner into carrying out the will of those running the operation. These cells of demonic enterprise, are linked internationally and woe betide the occasional leader who doesn’t go along with the program.
You can tell yourself it is pure greed, or the lust for power that provokes the terrible behavior of those set up to rule over us but it is a universal constant that the desire for these things, eventually leads to the source of these things.
I know there are people out there who dislike me for my inflexible belief in a higher and lower power but I’ve seen more, far more than enough in my tenure here to come to any other conclusion. I have engaged with both sides of the dynamic more than once. What anyone else chooses to believe is not my affair. The truth of what the truth is, will be revealed in its own time and these are the times in which such revelations occur.
Back and behind the veils that obscure antiquity from our view, there existed high magics that were given to those who proved themselves worthy of this benevolence. The original intent of the Kabala and similar forms of practice, was to enable those so equipped to converse with the angelic realm, also know as The Devic Realm and thereby to receive inspiration, concerning all manner of things that would benefit humanity. Those so empowered were sworn to codes of secrecy, lest these very powerful conditions and abilities fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, for all of us, the Kali Yuga was in play and the propensity for corruption, on the part of some, who had formerly been good and noble souls, was greater than their resistance to it. Some portion of abilities came into the possession of twisted characters and they reversed the force for personal power and gain, just as one’s Kundalini can be reversed and which thereby leads to all manner of sexual perversions. Within certain groups there are practices engaged in that awaken the Kundalini for no other purpose but to reverse it. Kundalini, in one manner of expression or another is the active force of the universe; just to give an idea of how potent it is. It is capable of destroying all illusion and also, when reversed, manifesting illusion for the purpose of mass control. This is what is taking place in these times. It’s about to meet up with the same force that always appears when the human race is in its greatest state of peril.
Yes, humanity has a hero but this time it is coming in the hearts of the population, through collective awakening brought about by the cosmos in your hour of need. Sad to say, this is not going to occur in everyone. Some are just too embedded in and devoted to the materialism that owns their hearts and minds. It’s no different than it has ever been. It may express itself in a new drama but the realities are the same as always. So is the condition of the collective, diverse and superficial faith of the populace when confronted with that which inspires fear in the place of understanding and confusion in place of clarity. These states are all constructed by the human agents of the enemy. It looks hopeless. It is anything but.
We are surrounded by awful disasters like this. Our leaders are cowed and controlled by demonic imperatives. We don’t know what is true or not true and most of us are chronically incurious. Knowledge is attended by a responsibility that most people want no part of. “I don’t want to hear about it, go away”! These things come about because of certain proven and indisputable truths. The continuous violent oppression of the Palestinians, the theft of their lands and the intention to exterminate them all, has to do with their genetic connection to the land of Israel, which these imposters do not possess.
We celebrate the courage and conviction of Rachel Corrie in these days, on the anniversary of her death, at the hands of the Synagogue of Satan. She was deliberately murdered by bloodthirsty fiends, who gave the kill order from the shadows, where they live and from which they take their strength. The understanding one should bear away from this, is that these damned and depraved entities, are fed by the shadows and that the light has eternal power, over the presence of all shadows and that these shadows exist only for the purpose of demonstration and to test and prove who has the integrity and fiber to endure this temporary darkness.
Rachel Corrie was and is a great hero and she did not die in vain, though there are monsters among us who celebrate her passing; would that there were more of us, with such a mighty heart as hers. Alas, human frailty accounts for a large number of us. Materialism waves its wand of bondage, over the hearts and minds of those with too much to lose. Yet, everywhere we see them losing what they had. It is a truly unfortunate irony. Time and circumstance marches on from one outrage to the next. Strange events beg the inquisitive mind to wonder at their meaning. Those who provide you with the information you receive, concerning what they say is happening, do not tell you that all their vile machinations are beginning to fall down around their ears. Final exposures are on the menu as the world wakes up to who is doing what.
The whole production and and tragic comic performances in this movie, where we are all actors, is being played out for the purpose of demonstration. For those with eyes to see, the exit lights will also be visible, as will the apertures for departure to wherever your destiny may call you. For everyone else it will just get more and more uncomfortable, until they do finally wake up, or they do not wake up and they will see the meaning of that in the course of events to come. I’ve said enough, valuable to some and nothing more than an irritation to others.
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