The plan is US-NATO military bases in Tripoli-Lebanon

Lebanese newspaper Al-Diyar reported in 15-04-2007 and that is about 5-6 weeks before Nahr Al-bared violence started and this is the exact translation word by word:

Reported by Bachus Faghali:

Under the cover of fighting Salafi, Islamists fundamentalist in Lebanon’s Northern region [starting from Akkar via Tripoli to the Dinniyah-slopes], and after two years of hesitation, NATO decided to join the Lebanese territories to North-African &African coast military region, to establish Military airbases.

In this context, NATO’s Staff Member showed the importance of Qlei’at air-base near Lebanese-Syrian borders, using this vast area as bases for fast intervention troops.

American-German-Turkish military delegation toured and surveyed Akkar region, reported to the NATO headquarter in Brussels, mentioning that the military bases will contribute to the development and the economic recovery in the region, advising the government to focus on the financial aspect and positive reflection on the population of the region, giving the bases a name “Lebanese Army and Security training centre”.

As for Fatah Al-islam organization, Arabtimes says that exactly what I earlier (1)-(2) said:

“Fatah Al-Islam” is a Militia established by Sa’ad Harriri and the Jordanian intelligence to counter Hizballah, leading to later engagements between the Lebanese army against Hizballah

The only available image of Fatah Al-Islam from inside Nahr Al-bared camp
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