Reversing your Course on The River of no Return

Smoking Mirrors – March 16, 2013

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One of the most distressing and unexplainable phenomena, taking place in the world of the present, is the propensity and profane attraction of the rich and powerful, to the various expressions of pedophilia, as well as the torture and ritual murder of prepubescent children. The impulse for this particular behavior does not come from external stimulus. It comes from internal motivators of unknown origin. It is not just acting out in the lives of the rich and powerful. It is epidemic among representatives of organized religions and it proliferates in the secret lives of ordinary people from all walks of life.
There are other dark passions at work in these times, as well as the usual pedestrian handicaps, like greed and all the associated other drawbacks that the deluded consider to be assets, in the pursuit of parity, with the other obsessed wretches that make up the Schmoo infantry, who collectively make war on sanity and peace of mind.
How these things come about and how so many people wind up in these dark corners of dangerous mischief, has to do with subliminal broadcasts, telepathic invasion and transmissions from interior planes, where depraved entities have worked their spells upon the unwitting for a very long time. Our weaknesses are highways traveled on by invisible fiends. Our strengths draw other influences. Unfortunately, in times of material ascendancy, our weaknesses are greater than our strengths in the mass of the population. These weaknesses are encouraged and celebrated, as if they were virtues. They are not. What they are are magnetic lodestones for infernal influences, whose intent is to swallow us up in darkness.
The internet has spawned an army of resentful and enraged losers, whose anger at not being able to control their lives, or acquire any of the things that their presumed betters possess, has made them incandescent with petty wrath. Once again it is the impotence factor …but the inescapable truth at the bottom of it all is… material things do not make you happy. People know they are unhappy. What they do not know is why. The degree of helplessness and lack of focus that I observe, in a certain segment of the population, is mystifying; “How do I do this? How do I do that? How do I find this information”? It’s as if they never heard of a search engine and have no clue about linking up with motivational forces that will allow them to accomplish anything they desire to bring about. They are surrounded by opportunity and all they see are abandoned and weeded lots, lacking the imagination to see what might appear there, given the right inspiration and effort. There are people making their mark on the world, for good and for ill and there are people upon whom the world is leaving it’s mark.
The guides and guidebooks, are there to be found …but some kind of confused lethargy appears to be in command of their destiny. Meanwhile, time marches on and the windows of opportunity close. One’s existence becomes fixed in suffocating routine and for all practical purposes, their life is over. I don’t like talking about these things but I observe them at work all around me, close at hand and at a far remove. You can’t become liberated, if you are committed to and addicted to the things that are confining you. It’s simple physics. One of the most important possessions anyone can have is ‘objective reasoning’. It allows you to see and think outside of the box. Without it, you cannot see or think outside of the walls of your ongoing confinement.
Nearly all diseases and discomforts are bred out of, or assisted in their manifestation by stress. Stress is a international product that is manufactured by a very large collective of industries that make their profits from the creation and proliferation of it. To milk and manipulate the general public, you need to attend the shearing and connivance with varying degrees of stress. It’s like ingredients in a culinary effort. Far too many people are sailing and bailing from a doomed and leaking boat, on the river of no return. Of course, there is another river that will bring you back, for yet more pointless endeavors on the roulette will of gain and loss. People are perpetually in the midst of this and given a moment of objective awareness, could see it is so but there are contributing detriments that work in opposition to their getting a clue. They are whipped onward by the presence of both debt and desire. The latter accounts for most of the former and what is the most desirable possession one can have in this world? Freedom, in every sense of the word. Freedom is closely tied to liberation and liberation implies freedom from the snares and bonds of this benighted sphere. It doesn’t have to be the way it is.
I don’t like to feel like like I am lecturing people but time is getting short. People have dreams and they often live in a world of private torment because they find themselves incapable of realizing these dreams but… they do not invest the effort and apply the determination and creative imaging necessary to make their dreams come true. People think the cosmos is against them and intends to thwart them at every turn. The reverse is true, the cosmos is chomping at the bit to help you but you are thwarting it and going against your own best interests.
A lot of people would love to leave the USA and relocate in a freer, more exotic land but are confounded in making it happen because they lack the funds and the contacts. Here is something any of you can do and it covers your living expenses. You only have to work 20-25 hours a week. People are doing this now and there is a very high demand for it. Spanish is the easiest language of all to learn, though you don’t even need to speak it. Having some grasp of it is very helpful however. Spanish is spoken in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. In China you need a degree to do this, usually you do not but… some number of us can get a real degree, based on life experience in certain areas, if you have it. You can also be creative about the way you approach it. There are a number of universities that offer this. I can, without difficulty get a degree in English, or an associated form because I have books published and have demonstrated my capabilities, widely around the globe. All anything I have done required was day to day application and determination to continue. The key to that is loving what you do. Anyone who loves what they do will inevitably become a success. This is an inflexible law of the universe. Imprint this into your consciousness. Burn this into your consciousness. Make it real!
If you are a decent sort, without things like being bipolar or obsessive compulsive (there’s a lot of that going around these days), you can live with other expats and seriously reduce your expenses, while living in an expansive and classy dwelling. I’ve already received a host of invitations and offers of help from people, living in various countries and you do have me, depending on who you are and it is my intention to “go and prepare a place for you” (grin).
One thing everyone needs to make a primary focus, is the acquisition of an optimistic mindset. Optimism attracts invisible friends. I have proven this. You can too. Recently I was the victim of a smear campaign, in which no part of what was said happens to be true. Since I and a few local associates were the only ones present, we are the ones who know what was what and there was no there there. Now, I could let this temporary shit get me down. I could argue with faceless antagonists. I could dissemble or go off on all kinds of tangents but… I keep my eye on the ball, just like I were Pete Rose (I don’t have ‘rabbit ears’), or Joe Morgan, who played ping pong before every game, so as to make the ball look like a grapefruit. I recognize that there is a disorganized cadre out there that would like to see me go down, become marginalized, or attain to one kind of pariah status or another but that’s not going to happen. Those who have gained benefits from what I do are not going to fall away. The people who visit me will continue to. New readers will come and in an abundance, at some point. I have a rock solid, support base and there has to be a reason for that. If you’re not capable of dealing with bumps in the road, temporary bad weather, or unexpected detours, you shouldn’t get on the highway. You shouldn’t seek liberation, or self realization, if you are not ‘completely’ committed. You’ll only be wasting your time and be inexorably bound for disappointment.. However, if you are completely committed, you cannot fail. Embrace this certainty. Burn it into your consciousness.
The world is set up to kill your faith and sap your strength. This is what it does. Take a look around you. Once you know these are the conditions you live in, you can change them. I spend my days, near totally free of worries and concerns. I could have them if I wanted to (grin). I am serene and in a good frame of mind through most of every day and I’m not the Lone Ranger. If any of us can do this, you can too and the road-maps and tools have all been presented here numerous times and are available at many another location if you don’t resonate with what you find here.
What was said about teaching English abroad, or getting a degree to enhance the appearance of your value are all very real and accessible. You don’t have to be where you are, unless there are family considerations that militate against this. Even these conditions do not make transition prohibitive. Look upon this whole posting as a pep talk, then we all put our hands together and shout, “Go team, win it”! And then …we run out on to the field and give it all we got and make sure we leave it all on the field once the game is done.
Alrighty then, have at it with a will and consider the source of the force!
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