Conscious Precipitation of the Appropriate Desirable

Visible Origami – March 15, 2013

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The Tarot is a marvelous instrument. You’ve got a Major Arcana card for every archetype you can think of and a Minor Arcana card for every condition and human personality going. I’m not totally sure about that last reference since, technically there are 3 decanates in each astrological sign that encompass the full gamut of representative personalities.
We live in a time of fear and instant resentments. People have lost their confidence in their invisible means of true support and they are bitter and recriminatory toward those who have done the work when they have made scant effort and believe that all desirable states should simply be conferred upon them. We live in an age of cavalier critiques, where all of our judgments and assessments are about others and seldom does the focus turn to ourselves. Somehow we have become immune to the contemplation of our own flaws and have become efficient at rising above the consideration of our own shortcomings, by always having our attention on the shortcomings of others.
The majority of us bemoan the lack of what we consider the good things in life and are acrimonious about the possession of these things by the worst examples among us. We tell ourselves we would never behave with such a selfish acquisitiveness, in the pursuit of these things, at the expense of everyone else around us. What we forget, or simply don’t know, is that there is more than one way to court prosperity into our lives. Of course, Job One is defining what composes prosperity, in our particular case in the first place. Too often we confuse what we want with what others have and every personality, in it’s own sphere of existence, defines these things differently. Ergo, knowing what it is that you really want and what it is that would complete you, in those empty corners of your existence, is the most important thing.
This is why reliance is stressed to me in all my communications with the invisible. The invisible knows my needs and necessities better than I ever will. This is a hard thing to get our heads around. Regardless of our awareness that this is true and has been stated many times by many teachers of humanity, there is a part of us that thinks we know better and we don’t. We never will either.
In this posting, I want to talk about one of the methods of manifestation that is practiced by those masters of the form, in all cases when they seek to bring something into existence. It’s called precipitation. The only difference between our practice of it and the practice of it by a master is the speed of appearance. There are some, perambulating around the planet at this very moment who can get result instantaneously. They exist in that rarefied state, where the interplay between themselves, Nature and the hidden cosmos is without stress, strain or doubt.
The Tarot teaches us the means and method of this process. Let us consider the four suits of the Minor Arcana; Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Wands represent the element ‘fire’ and the realm of ideas. Cups represent the element of ‘water’ , the creative realm, the area where blueprints are drawn up to express what the ideas suggest. With any idea there are all sorts of possibilities of expression and shape that might come about. Swords represent the element ‘air’ and the formative realm, the area of processes, where construction of the item is brought about, such as in a workshop, or a factory. Pentacles represent the element ‘earth’ and the actual, finished item in its completed state.
So, to illustrate what I mean, think of the idea of laying down and sleeping. That would be the area of Wands and ideas. This is followed by the images of all kinds of beds that would apply to the process of laying down and sleeping. That would be Cups and the Creative plane. Next would be the physical acts of cutting the wood, or whatever components you would be shaping and forming to construct the bed. This would be the formative plane. Finally, you would have the bed itself and that would be the material plane of Pentacles.
Of course, sometimes the item is already constructed and waiting for you but the steps do not change. They simply present themselves differently. The method is ‘the same thing only different’ (grin). These planes where precipitation takes place are called; Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. These are kabalistic terms and in some cases, the mind of the reader will instantly react, given that the Kabala has been perverted and distorted; reversed actually, by some really bad actors. This does not make the Kabala, or any other ancient system evil, simply because it has been subverted and turned to evil intent by Satanic practitioners. A hammer that is used to bash in someone’s skull is still a hammer, a useful tool in the hands of a workman, who applies it to it’s normal and natural use.
The source of various ancient things is not necessarily what we have been led to believe by those who co-opted it for their own purposes. For instance, there is a good argument for the Hebrew alphabet having been taken from the Chaldean flame alphabet. Much has been lost to us from antiquity, due to those who have sought to obfuscate history in order to rewrite it in their favor. We have seen some monstrous examples of this over the last century. The burning of the Library at Alexandria, accounted for the loss of many precious records, which have now been supplanted by fabrications and speculation. For those of us given access to The Akashic Records, the truth is still accessible and always will be. We carry many things within us of which we are unaware because we just don’t look in those directions. That is why Gnothi Seuton is of such critical importance. That is why, “I don’t know” is of such importance. It doesn’t mean you don’t know across the board. What it means is, that the one who does know can inform you of what is. This is also why ‘everything is under control’ and ‘for the purpose of demonstration’ are so critical to our understanding of the life process.
Life is very rarely smooth sailing. The planets are always in a state of continuous adjustment, presenting the forces and conditions we must live through, in order to become what we really are. Friendships are based on what people are willing to go through in respect of each other. Friendships are tested in the crucible of experience, out of this, trust is established or destroyed. No one needs the kind of friends who are fair weather sailors. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they do not. The latter comes about to flush out those individuals and things that are not enduring and meaningful. Life is full of presumptions and misunderstandings and those prone to operating out of these aspects, are certain to be be led astray by their own lack of sincerity and control over themselves. It’s a given. Inevitably what is, will assert itself …but it generally waits until each and every one of us have established ourselves in whatever position we find preferential. Following that, the truth will make an appearance to the delight or dismay of the players. It’s a given.
If there is anything in this world or any world that you desire, you have to creatively imagine it, while residing in a state of total reliance, or as much reliance as you can muster. Everything you sincerely desire is already a reality on the invisible planes and possibly also already in manifestation. “Desire is the agent of God’s will”. If the deeper regions of your heart are in search of someone to love, a home, an occupation, or anything, you only have to consciously engage in allowing the operation of precipitation to acquire these or anything, anything, anything at all. For this you have to have certitude. You have to be absolutely convinced of it coming to pass. This firmly links you up with the one who is absolutely capable of making it come to pass. You can’t waffle and entertain doubt concerning it. This is the difference between the people who get results and those who don’t. There isn’t a great deal more to it. Those who complicate the matter, complicate the process. Neurosis, psychosis, compulsion and obsession are all pathologies that inhibit our success. These are expressions of personal insecurity.
Insisting that something is so, when it is not, puts you at the mercy of it. In these times, the mass of humanity believes all sorts of ridiculous lies; 9/11, terrorism, all those wars against middle eastern countries. The list is long and I have given only a few brief examples. Most of the readers are already familiar with the mass and magnitude of the lies. In any case, everyone is welcome to what they believe and they will be liberated or confined, according to what they have accepted as true. Nothing that we say or do is without consequence, either good or bad. It may not catch up with us immediately but it will catch up with us, once the stage has been set for it.
Let’s bring it to a close now and I’ll see you in the next posting if there is one.
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