A New Pope at Child Molester Central and Other Things

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 14, 2013

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The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. We have weathered many a storm here at these blogs over time. It isn’t always smooth sailing. In this world, there are two basic types of people, with a few sub-categories. In the main, there are the people who seek the truth because it is important to them and they understand how the lack of it will cripple them in their movements and also determine the direction of their movements. On the other hand are those who want no part of the truth because it does not support what they want to believe, at the expense of the truth. In this latter case there is no cure for the condition, until the false perspective meets up with the truth and that will come with some severity of contact. This is a cosmic certainty. All anyone requires when anonymous primates throw shit through the bars of their cage, that confinement in which they have imprisoned themselves, is patience and fortitude, all of what is needed will follow after at its designated pace. Thank God for The Apocalypse on the one hand …and a continuous mounting fear and darkness on the other.
The new Pope on a Rope has been installed as the titular head over at Child Molester Central. Tens of thousands of bleating, hysterical sheep were on hand, on site, or video linked, to celebrate the selection of another rubber stamping ghoul. Clearly the ones engaged in the shadow management of church funds are pleased with the selection. It comes as a complete surprise to me that this is the first Jesuit Pope. I don’t think it necessary for me to get into what the Jesuits have been up to over the centuries, from their dark iniquities in the oppression of indigenous peoples, to the awful horrors visited on third world nations. This new Rope a Dope Pope has got the requisite bag of dirty laundry, attending him into the investiture. This is as it should be. This provides the levers of control for those pulling the strings. This is how it has always been. You put someone already compromised into a position of power and that power is exercised by the people with the dirty evidence on the stooge in residence. The comic ironies of this institution just continue to rear one ugly head after another.
These same principles of blackmail and control extend into the political arena, with monsters like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Bwak! Obama and just about every single stuffed shirt, corruption bot, scamming the system in these hours of transition. Behind these twisted freaks are The Central Bankers, the Satanic, Rothschild Nation and the multinational corporations. In concert with these vicious anti-human forces, is the cultural hijacking and manipulation of society, by political correctness and the celebration of any and all perversions that work contrary to the well beings of all of us; those aware of what is taking place and those terminally clueless, until the appropriate trauma surfaces, which it will.
I cannot stress this enough and I will continue to bring it up and bring it up and bring it up because it is critical to your operational harmony in the day to day and your survival as well. The major weapon of the dark side, is the manipulation of appearances. Their greatest power lies in their ability to convince you that what you see is real and what you see is being determined by them, through their control of the media and every other industry that impacts on the human consciousness. You have to establish a commitment to the mantra of ‘things are not what they seem’. The whole extravaganza is just a groundswell of poisonous mist that the rising sun will burn away in due course, especially if it is rising in your heart at the same time.
It’s a hard road to hoe, when you are surrounded on all sides by quasi-functional morons, who refuse to hear what compromises their pursuit of useless things and temporary positions of phantom power. That is the problem with delusion. It presents something as it is not. This directly leads to you becoming what you are not, followed by a belief system that stratifies and rigidifies, until you become tone deaf to the bells of freedom. You hear things that are being generated by malicious entities, for the purpose of seducing you into truly unfortunate circumstances. What you cannot hear, as a result, are those transmissions dedicated to your liberation and transcendence, out of the murk and mire of this desperate and dying age.
Another thing that has been mentioned here again and again, is what the real purpose of all this insanity is. Several portals are opening but we will concern ourselves with only two of them because all portals fall, by definition and destination into two general areas of being. Each of them is equipped with a magnetic resonance that keys into particular vibrationary states. If you are being sucked down into the material swamp, you are being ferried to a certain portal. This portal leads into a kind of dressing room where bodies and lifetimes are hung on racks, similar to the closet where your clothes hang now. These are the lifetimes that await you in the coming 26,000 year cycle. This is the result of going in the wrong direction and being deaf to all reason and useful assistance. If you are moving in the opposite direction and are magnetized by forces seeking to lift you out of this Karmic Boot Camp, you will proceed into one planetary system or another, based on your degree of awareness and relative level of freedom from any number of things. In some cases, not everything is worked out here but can be worked out ‘there’.
The Amitabha Buddha is the central light of The Western Pure Land.

Should you have established a working communication with this being, you are allowed to go there and work out all of your karmas in that location without ever having to come back here …or any place like this. You get reborn there. It’s a sweet setup. Similar conditions apply in other venues of similar makeup, differing only in terms of doctrine and presentation, with the exception of Judaism, which equates to Satanism in the same way that Christian Zionist fundamentalism, equates to applied mind control which, by varying speeds, leads to dysfunctional insanity.
The appearance of world wide supremacy, by organized Satanism, is a demoralizing thing for some number of us, who are incapable of realizing its transitory status. They’ve been up to their low jinks for some time. Their controls of the currency production machines and the various organ of disinfo that give us the manufactured information most people accept, without inquiry or qualification, has imbued them with a terminal arrogance. It will get them in the end, believe what you wish. That they have been busy little scorpions is beyond doubt. Most recently, the following, ‘in your face’ perversion of justice was allowed to take place. These is no question these psychopaths were guilty. Here is more of the same, with a certain amount information and links not presented in the first one.
Similar depraved dramas are taking place all over the world in present time. However powerful they may appear in the moment, it is no more than the dying gasp of an enduring evil, whose time has come. We are moving through an ordained series of sequences, which are inexorably pointed toward a cosmic summing up. To those with random and ever changing focus, it all looks random and pointless. It is anything but. It’s scripted and directed every step of the way. This is the meaning of, ‘everything is under control’ …’for the purpose of demonstration’ and it is why, “I don’t know” is such a powerful and useful tool, in negotiating the snares and landmines of assumed, incomplete and imperfect knowledge. If you viscerally know that you do not know, you are in a position to be informed. If you think you do know, you cannot be informed because what is has displaced by what is not. I am routinely amazed by people’s insistence that they know all about something they had, or have, zero evidence of or contact with. Usually these individuals are driven by malicious intent, or the desire for personal gain. No matter how unsuccessful they are in their juvenile efforts to shape the truth to their own ends, they always fail. The truth is not shaped. The truth is the shaper. You are either formulating your world according to the dictates and determinations of limited awareness, or you are in submission to a much greater awareness that guides and ferries you past every trap and pitfall. The one is doomed from the inception and the other is affirmed by a power no other force can route or restrain.
That life is a series of trials and tests is irrefutable. You come up upon the same tests and trials over and over again, until you acquire the tools and state of mind needed to pass them. I can look back and see some of these things that came at me hundreds of times, until I made the decision to give them all of my attention for as long as it took. Once done, you never see them again.
So… yet one more posting has concluded and we’ll see you in the next one, if there is one. Be well!
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