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Visible Origami – March 12, 2013

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Planetary rainbows are shining through the gray rain of these dark hours. Rainbows are signs of promise, signs of an ancient covenant between the seen and the unseen. The most important thing any of us can remember and seek to keep uppermost in our minds, is that certain and indisputable fact that the avatar has forced the long resident evil within, outward into the manifest for the purpose of judgment. The utter disregard for the rights and freedoms of others, on behalf of cynical personal profit, is a horrific wonder to behold. The final depravities of established religions are mind blowing. The most compelling terror and trauma, are the things we don’t know. What you don’t know when it comes to things like this, is always much worse than what you do know.
Regardless of this feature, in respect of the totality, it’s not as bad or irrevocably fatal as we imagine it to be. I’m hearing too much and too often from people who have accepted the proposition that we are all screwed, blued and tattooed. It’s just not so. What you have done is conferred the greater power to the agents and intentions of the dark side. The dark side has never and will never possess more power than the forces of light. Switch on the light in a dark room. Turn on the light in a formerly dark mind and see what you get. There is a cosmic maxim that says the spiritual sun never hits it’s zenith. There is always more reserve of power than comes into manifestation. If I remember correctly, it was Swedenborg who said this. He and Kierkegaard have always occupied a special place in my cosmology. Many people are unaware that Kierkegaard wrote all of his books in the span of a few years, after the age of forty and then never wrote anything else again. At least that’s the story as I remember it.
I’ve always been a big fan of biographies, that is, when they are even remotely true, as so many in this day and age are not. You find out some fascinating things about people that you had previously known nothing about. Of course, a lot of biographies are bullshit, like the ones about Einstein, Edison and others. It is especially true of presidents, people like Lincoln and most of them actually. Andrew Jackson was the best president we ever had.
History should have taught all of us this much. They go out of their way to slander the good guys and even further out of their way to paint the bad guys as something they never were, ‘Never were’ pretty much defines them.
I’m not saying they’re not trying to enslave, imprison and wipe us out. That’s a given. I’m not saying they aren’t attempting to migrate to the sweet spots of the Earth, nor am I saying that the alleged sweet spots are all sweet. I’m saying that the awakening is going to take care of all of their ambitions and aspirations. I’m saying that they will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I’m saying you have to find somewhere where you feel comfortable being and that can’t be determined by someone else who is not you and knows very little about the place they are advising you against. It is with this in mind that I present you with this. You can tell me this is just so much hype but I know about people doing this sort of thing for quite some time and it is something I am considering, when I make my move, given that a huge windfall hasn’t hit me first, or given that my books and other efforts haven’t finally provided me with a living wage.
Most of us have been living this life for awhile. Some of us, like myself, have been living this life in a public fashion. That means there is a great deal more exposure on the personal level, than there might be in most cases. This doesn’t mean that the same kinds of events, failings and successes do not manifest just as routinely, in the more private lives among us, than in the more public lives. I just had an event occur in a distant land. I’ve had a few events occur here and there, for the purpose of demonstration and for the purpose of the exposure of veiled potentials, that would never have been revealed under ordinary circumstances but… they certainly would have come out in the long run and at a much more disadvantageous time. Out of the handful of events, which all served to prove some very important points, there have been far more than ten times as many that have resulted in enduring friendships and during the course of which there have been no unfortunate occurrences. Some people have visited me numerous times. My friend Imron is flying in from LA for the 4th or 5th time in April. Previously, he had lived in Texas. He’s an IT guy and also a jeans designer. He makes a great pair of jeans. The Tribe forced him out of the business but he’s a plucky chap and won’t give up.
We have wonderful engagements, like those I have had with The Pope and Dr. Glenn Dormer, among others. My dear friend Akram has been by, as have others. They all went to considerable expense to find their way here and I have readers who live in my general area, who also drop by on a regular basis. I tend to measure the quality of my engagements by the overall mass of the one, in comparison to the other.
I got a comment this morning from the usual anonymous, telling me that I could not be telling the truth about India because I used a couple of Facebook pages for reference points. He says that Facebook is a data mining operation and my using it is proof that I am not telling the truth. Unfortunately for his argument, I also have email addresses for these individuals and they will go up in the comments section of the Les Visible blog once I finish here. The people I chose for references are highly respected members of their community. It is why I picked them because there are others who will gladly corroborate what I have had to say on the matter. These reference points given, know who the others are and will assuredly make them available as well to any doubting Thomas’s looking for suspect wounds.
By this time in the posting I can hear any number of readers going, “Jesus Visible, just let it go. It’s not important and making a big deal of it turns it into a big deal” You may be certain that I will let it go, once I am satisfied that I have done my very best to give all of those still in a state of confusion, every opportunity to clarify things in their minds for posterity. If I don’t put it all on the table it will linger there in the background like a hangnail. Of course, it will go by and eventually be buried in the ashcan of irrelevance. I beg your indulgence in this matter but… I have been the object of slander throughout my passage here. I have been the object of intense envy and resentment on the part of some people, to the extent that they engaged in setting me up with the police for things I hadn’t done. In one case that could have resulted in a life sentence. What were my crimes against them? I helped them out and I possessed the attention and various elements of small success that they felt they should be having. It comes down to Karma really. With four planets in my natal 8th house, now in Scorpio and certain aspects, ‘hidden enemies’ is a factor, as is inheritances from former lives, most of these are due in the close and coming future.
It is a truism of life that when you achieve success early in life, the possibility of screwing things up and coming to regret what you have been given, are real possibilities. When success comes later in life, one has been given the opportunity to exorcise their private demons and come into a state of being, that grants one the capacity to manage those things they have seen in operation, by observation, all along the long walk to the moment when those ships of fortune, come over the horizon line of the sea. The beauty of this particular fate is that those items stored in the holds of the ships, has changed over the course of time and now reflect a sense of deeper and more enduring values. This is not to say that there are not a certain amount of material things, because… for the purpose of demonstration, one must be given the chance to show the proper appreciation and use of that which so many are brought low by. It’s how it works. I am supremely confident about this because the majority of all the things I have been told have come to pass and those which have not, are yet to arrive.
A great master told me that there are 3 things one must have to ensure success in both this life and in your passage into the next one; faith, certitude and determination. The first two are pretty much the same, are they not? The third depends utterly on the possession of the first two. We hear things. We go, “Yeah, okay”. And then we move on without contemplation or reflection. Everyone should read Alice Bailey’s translation of Patanjali’s yoga sutras entitled “The Light of the Soul”. It is available free online and you can find it with due diligence. Once again, I am no one’s research assistant (grin). I don’t want to hear about Lucis Trust. Just read the book and consider what is said there. I have read it several times. It’s an experience. It explains and shows how to get any object or concept under your consideration to reveal itself to you. Without possessing some modicum of what is contained in that book you’re not going to get very far.
In earlier times, I must admit that I got a little creative with the truth, for the purposes of entertainment. Those days are long gone and I don’t lie. It’s no hardship for me to be forthcoming and truthful. I’ve never tried to pass myself off as someone who doesn’t make mistakes and can fall short of perfection. I do learn from my mistakes however and I struggle mightily and daily to reach a higher ground.
People who are resentful, envious and jealous of me, do not realize the cost involved in gaining particular abilities. Various muses are not easily impressed. Sacrifices and continuous efforts are required and a real love and devotion is necessary to get their attention. It can and often is, the product of lifetimes. I measure my success by the quality and quantity of my friends …and the same is true of my enemies. I rarely respond to praise because I know who is really deserving of it. I know this in the deepest portion of my heart. I’m a servant and a tool. It’s all I want to be and to me it is the highest station one can obtain to. If you don’t know this, you will, sooner or later find it out. There is no joy like the joy of being a useful tool. It is payment in spades for the infinitely, valuable opportunity to exercise it.
Please accept my sincere apologies for having engaged in a discourse that many of you will find unnecessary. It seemed necessary to me and maybe there are other things in this posting that some will find of value and if that is so, all will be well. I’ll close on a sincere note of surprise. I had never seen a photo of Nina before and I have to say that she is incredibly beautiful and of a type that has always been attractive to me; the librarian. I mean nothing prurient by this and that is also the truth. I got the immediate hit that she resembled Jim Morrison’s girlfriend of long ago. This might all seem out of left field and I often don’t know why I say the things I do but… there it is.
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