Forty black uniformed foreign cops reported at Virginia truck stop on I-81

Somewhere about 30 miles south of Harrisonburg, VA, on I-81 is a truck stop. I believe it’s the one near Raphine, VA. However, regardless, there is a particular truck stop on I-81 because I have been there several times and seen the small arms display featured by the truck stop owner. The weapons are locked under glass and among the many guns displayed is a .45 ACP Thompson WWII submachine gun.

Last week, 7-11 May 2007, a US “citizen” who reads “my stuff”” observed four unmarked vans pull into this particular truck stop. He purposely counted the [exactly] forty black uniformed men; i.e., ten men per van, as they dismounted. He later verified the “body count” in the restaurant: Forty! The vehicles were the 10-12 passenger models such as senior citizens are shuttled around in. The windows were shaded “absolutely dark”.

The troops, who were wearing “NATO Black” BDU’s, [NO IDENTIFYING INSIGNIA VISIBLE] were all 6 feet tall, or above, and all under 30 years old. They exhibited “military bearing”, had short haircuts; and were also “throwing their weight around”, making their presence obvious.

Shortly, our “citizen” encountered one of the “officers”, who by the way, was not carrying a visible sidearm, that is, the 9mm Makerov which Clinton imported in 1994 to the tune of 700, 000. He was looking at the gun display; particularly the Thompson. “Nice gun” citizen says. The reply was, “Yeah”.

“Citizen” then asked, “Who are you guys?”. Reply, in what was described as a Russian accent, “That’s none of your business”. Citizen then asked, “Well, what’re you doing around here?” Again, “We’re training but that’s also none of your business”. Citizen persisted, with, “What kind of training?”. Reply: “It’s classified and it’s none of your business”. At this point the conversation terminated. Citizen stated the men were definitely “NOT” Americans.

Currently, I have a call in to speak with “citizen”; but for now what you see is as much as I know of the incident.

Professionally deduced and post-1994 investigative knowledge tells me they are Homeland Security-sponsored “secret police” training for the arrest of Americans when martial law is declared. Yeah, I have warned thee.

In the Name of the Lord,

Al Cuppett

P.S. You’ll note the Democrats are pressing to pass new legislation either banning the possession of high capacity ammo magazines, or their sale. The reason for that is that the forty cops noted above don’t want to meet US citizens armed with AR-15’s, AR-10’s, or Mini-14’s with 20-30 round magazines “aboard”. Now you know what the post-1993 “Clintonian” and “shadow government” gun control” is all about.

Advice: Get yourself and old fashioned King James Bible [Authorized Version], permanently discarding all other bible versions, including the “numeric coded Greek and Hebrew” portions of the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, and start fasting and praying. The Holy Ghost cannot manifest faith, hope, peace, joy, etc, in your spirit in a language you cannot understand. You’re gonna need guidance; and that right early saint!

And if these Greek “scholars” ever admitted God Almighty gave us a perfect “Psalm 12:6-7” (KJV-only) Bible these educated morons would have to get an honest job!!! However, most of such “learned” people happen to be pastors in pulpits who “fleece their sheep” weekly. Just read about “polluted bread” in Malachi 1, verses 6 to about 12. But, hey, what do I know, I’m just a Railway Mail Clerk’s son? I’ll bet the Jesuit infiltrators at Lee College and Central Bible College will do a slow burn when they read this paragraph. So be it! They got to dear Brother Swaggart back in 1988. Are they gonna get you too? Or have they gotten you already?