Marooned on the Planet of Demons from Dumbass

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 11, 2013

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Every now and then, you see something so off the wall that it beggars the imagination. The very idea that this would ever possibly happen in any world known to us is ludicrous. We’ve had our share of shit golems over the last few decades but it would take some real effort to find one equal to the psycho frat boy. The polices of this demented offspring of one of the most evil families on Earth, cannot be over emphasized, in terms of the horrors visited upon the majority of us, in the aftermath of his twisted tenure here. His grandfather was instrumental in the production of World War Two and profited from the concentration camp slave labor. His father was one of the orchestrators of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he ran the White House during the Reagan years. His wife and her ‘beautiful mind’, she belongs high on this list. His brother helped rig the elections that put this depraved piece of hyena shit into the White House. His other brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center, when Israel attacked the towers and brought us to the state we presently inhabit. The Zion Crime Factory link is down again.
Now we got Bwak! Obama, a mass murdering, Zio-stooge, Banker Nation butt boy. Notice how so many name people support this piece of filth. The majority of the American public deserves everything that happens to it. This disgusting piece of rotting excrement, is responsible for the ascension of Rahm Emmanuel, Leon Panetta, Hilarious Clinton, John ‘Wayne Gacy’ Kerry, John ‘drone killer’ Brennan, Janus-face, ‘Butch’ Napolitano and a host of malodorous, bloated corpse, compost piles of varying degrees of stench and stink.
Behind these fiends lurk the likes of David Rockefeller, The Satanic Rothschild clan, Henry, ‘Ed Gein’ Kissinger and George, ‘Albert Fish’ Soros. Satan’s got the welcome mat out for them, when their time comes, which will be fairly soon; vile, vile, evil creatures on their way to their final reward. It seems nigh on impossible to so many of us that this could turn out right but none of us and none of them are in charge, it’s just appearances, designed to kill our faith and drown us in despair. It’s working for a lot of people; sad to say. It’s not working for me and some others; glad to say.
The thing is, it’s been going on for so long that the sheer incremental passage of laborious time, eventually weighs most of us down. That’s what it’s all about. You get discouraged. Then you get frightened and then you get angry. Then you get whatever you get, based on what you don’t get, based on wanting the wrong thing or just wanting, instead of having that confident expectation that whatever is going to show up is the right thing because you are not getting in the way.
It ain’t easy to prosper in confidence, when the universe allows and permits inhuman dumpsters of chemical waste like Bush, Obama and their infernal elves to claim the seats of temporal power, to the dismay and distress of everyone who has to live under their barbed whips of torment. It is even more unpleasant to live in the midst of the mass of dumb fucks, who can’t see anything wrong with the state of recent and present affairs. This loathsome and indefensible ignorance, is enough to send even borderline intellects screaming and running into the hills. Well, maybe not but… certainly intellects not too far over the border.
There really is no end to the degree of possible absurdity. A few years ago, none of us could have imagined this as possible. None of us could have imagined they would lay claim to the rainwater falling on our roofs. None of us could have believed that legitimized drone killings could be coming to the American mainland, or that massive concentration camps would rise up all over the continental U.S. None of us would have possibly conceived things like secret renditions, Israel destroying the World Trade Center, or taking over complete control of the American government, it’s foreign and economic policy and pretty much anything else that’s there for the taking , freely given by those entrusted to look out for our interests.
It’s a difficult visualization to have to witness men and women in powerful positions, doing things that none of us could countenance, in our most deranged moments of dislocation, from the central theme of what is right and good. How can anyone, before the eyes of the world, terminally embarrass themselves like this? You really have to be on another planet. The kind of planet which, if it showed up in your horoscope, would be considered a malefic, If it were made into a film it would be called, “Return to the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass”, or perhaps, “Those Who Cannot Hear Must Feel”. How about; “Born out of a Rat’s Ass and Fed the Afterbirth”? So little time, so many good ideas.
We’ve been talking about places to go, over the course of coming time and… I’ll still have to keep all of this in mind because… sooner or later, the timer is going to go off and I’ll have to find a place in time and space to operate out of, with a whole new prospectus on whatever it is that I didn’t completely get earlier. Of course, if we persist in our persistence, this all gets exposed to us at some point, probably consonant with our own exposure. I think that’s how it works.
Massive armored tanks are rolling through the heartland and the assland, courtesy of our ancient and implacable enemies. At least we are hearing about it all now. Not all of us are chickenshit cowards, or robot, Christian Zionists, who worship the vampires that suck their blood and are, by some kind of retarded pathology, capable of believing everything they are told, no matter how bogus and impossible it would appear to anyone with an operating intelligence.
It’s all got to have something to do with these moments in time, with the fog, the miasma that penetrates the world to every one of it’s corners, even though it doesn’t have corners. Some of us are fully intoxicated by it and incapable of breaking the spell and some of us seem not to be affected by it at all. It’s a real mystery. Though it may not be a mystery for those who can look into the obvious, while discarding the peripheral. I think it has to do with what inspires and attracts you, with what you put your attention on and with what your intention is. I’ve thought long and hard about all of this and can come to no other conclusions. It all comes down to what you identify as the object of your desire and where your treasures are.
I’ll leave you with these thoughts, as I can think of nothing more to say. Times come and times go but the eternal flow never ends, we simply transform the ways we identify it, as we are newly identified on the other side of every passing change we go through.
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