Green Zone Follies May 16, 2007

“It used to be two a day and now it’s up to three. What am I talking about? The number of officially reported deaths per diem I don’t care if fifty bought the farm, the DoD reports for the public will show a maximum of two-three a day.

The families are notified, of course, but the public is only told that three GIs bought the farm (the wounded are never, never mentioned…over 50,000 serious injuries including permanent brain damage, missing legs and feet and so on). As Bush goes down the chute to Hell, orders are now pouring out of DC about what can, and cannot, be said and done. I see about half of these but getting the specs out to the badly-fooled American public is getting harder and harder. I need to stress these lies are not the fault of the military commands but are specific orders from the Commander in Chief.

Mail, incoming and outgoing, is thoroughly screened’ by official censors who use ‘knitting needles’ to open letters to allow the snoops to read, and copy if necessary, anything and everything the opener thinks could be ‘damaging to morale’ or ‘a serious breach of security.’

Also, the loathed internet is being brought under control here. An official, and highly classified, document I read this morning states that : ‘The damage done to the morale of our troops in the field by slackers and anti-government elements” inside the United States, and ‘suspected Russian agitators’ in collusion with ‘known Muslim fundamentalists’ from without ‘are causing serious erosion of morale among the troops in the field’ and must be stopped by any means necessary.’

I am enclosing an official discussion about the rigid internet censorship. This is not secret but the daily flood of ferocious orders from the Pentagon certainly are.
We all personally doubt if the Russians are spying on us here. We ran them out when we took over the country and, by order, tried to shoot their evacuating ambassador and his staff, just like we tried to shoot the Italian female reporter. We failed in both cases. This is typical of what goes on around here. Failure is an orphan and we have boxcars full of orphans around here now.

There is also trouble here about the Israelis here. Many of the men loathe their ‘military representatives’ here because they are whining, demanding and downright repulsive. They want us to invade Iran or at least bomb it. They aren’t getting their way but they have so much influence in the White House and Congress that they actually think they have a ring through the nose of the American media and through them, the people.

There is, or rather was, an Israeli major here who is the worst of the lot. He had been running around the Green Zone demanding that ‘we do more’ to stop the spread of evil ‘ Iranian terrorists’ (although most of the resistance people are homegrown) and the other night, some GI tried to gut him outside the tennis court. Ripped him open like a fish but he screamed like a woman and the MPs got to the scene. They stuffed his tripes back inside, sewed him up and flew him out, under heavy guard, the very next day.

The others of his tribe are now going lightly and smiling to everyone. The general feeling here, among many officers and even the men, is that Israel started this war to suit her needs and Bush and Congress are so eager to please TelAviv that they go right along.

And the dead keep being stuffed on planes and the families mourn. A friend in the CIC told me recently that they broke up a serious plan on the part of some EOD people to blow up the Israeli headquarters here. With its occupants!

My informant laughed and said, ‘It’s too bad we caught them…’ It’s sacrilegious things like this that have infuriated Bush and Cheney and have resulted in growing crackdown on ‘dissident elements’ here…especially to include the evil internet.

And the men captured? Huge searches unrewarded. We all know that the men must be dead and the Iraqi resistance people must have tortured them terribly before they died. This will be a case of the Unopened Coffin if and when they find the parts. ”