Making the World Safe for Sharon’s Israel

( – Who invented democracy? Here in the Christian West, we have always given credit to the Greeks. This was long before one of democracy’s most fraudulent adherents, the odious Richard Perle, appeared on the world stage. He wants to use what HE calls, “democracy,” to make the Middle East safe for Israel. And he cleverly pretends his scheme is in our national interest. As a Missouri farmer might say of him, “That guy is full of it!”

Now, thanks to Perle’s persuasion, along with that of other members of what the Washington Post (02/09/03) labeled the “Likudnik cabal,” the American president, George W. Bush Jr., is preparing to export “democracy” to Iraq. It will be delivered via a massive military invasion. No vote by the Iraqi people will be permitted on this question. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, and Saudi Arabia, too, may be next on our “democracy” hit list.

Since there was no evidence that Saddam Hussein posed a direct threat to the U.S. or that he had any connections whatsoever to the terrorist al-Qaeda outfit and 9/11, another “causa belli” had to be found: It’s democracy! This will be the U.S. battle cry for the conflict with Iraq.

This is reminiscent of President Woodrow Wilson’s sloganeering the U.S. into WWI. He wanted to “make the world safe for democracy.” It’s too bad that campaign ended up so miserably. It helped to create conditions that gave rise to Adolph Hitler, the notorious Balfour Declaration, the fall of Mother Russia, and the partitioning of Ireland, among other dubious achievements. We can only wait to see where this latest “democracy crusade” will plunge mankind.

The shadowy Perle is a former defense department official in the Reagan administration. He is presently the chief honcho of the powerful Pentagon Defense Policy Board. Back in 1996, he, along with other Likudnik brainstormers, helped to publish a policy paper, “A Clean Break,” for the Israelis. It advocated the U.S. taking out Iraq (see, Bill and Kathleen Christison’s “Too Many Smoking Guns” expose’, 01/25/03, and “Is War Inevitable?” by Justin Raimondo,, 02/26/03, for more particulars).

In Bush’s remarks, 02/26/03, before the American Enterprise Institute, a neo-conservative think tank, he said, “A free Iraq” could become “a beacon of democracy across the Middle East.” This could only happen, the president added, “After the growing threat from Saddam is gone.” This speech was Perle’s “Get Iraq Doctrine” being transformed into holy dogma. What a proud moment it must have been for a man, like Perle, who is so intimate with Israeli insiders, such as its ex-premier, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Paul Craig Roberts, an intrepid pundit, predicted all of this for, on 12/31/02. He wrote, “In 2003, the story will be confirmed that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a ‘secret Israeli plan’ designed to involve the U.S. long-term in the Arab-Israeli conflict, cynically sold to the Bush White House by ‘neo-conservatives’ as a reflective strategy.” Well, this is 2003. Perle is “Mr. Neo-conservative” and the “secret Israeli plan,” is out in the open. (See also, William Rivers Pitt’s excellent “Blood Money” article, in Truthout, 02/27/03, for more background on this subject matter.)

Meanwhile, Perle’s favorite “democracy,” Israel, has just elected a new regime that is slightly to the right of Genghis Kahn. It will be led by the 75-year-old crackpot, Ariel Sharon. One of the parties, the National Union, that makes up his extremely hawkish Likud coalition, openly advocates the “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians. Lt. General Shaul Mofaz, a prime architect of the IDF’s rampage at Jenin, will return as the defense minister.

For untold reasons, Israel’s barbarous treatment of the Palestinians is a mostly taboo subject. Its death squads, and collective punishment and torture of the Palestinians, are hardly ever mentioned in the media. It has also been stealing hundreds of thousands of acres of land from the Palestinians, since 1948. Unlike Iraq, Israel stands in violation of 68 Resolutions of the UN. The hypocrisy of the U.S. supposedly fighting to establish “democracy” in Iraq, while aligning itself with the undemocratic Sharonists, staggers the imagination.

Finally, any U.S. led war with Iraq will not really be about bringing democracy to that country, or about removing Saddam from power. It will mostly be about making the world safe for Sharon’s Israel. For that foul deed, the repulsive Richard Perle, who has been pulling wires for decades, will take a bow.

William Hughes is the author of “Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order” (Authors Choice Press), which is available online. He can be reached at

From the Palestine Chronicle, courtesy Raja Mattar