Voice of the White House May 17, 2007

“Bush, shaking with rage, is determined to keep the thoroughly discredited Wolfowitz and the obviously grossly incompetent Gonzales as members of his control circle. That Wolfowitz is a foul-mouthed asshole and Gonzales a brainless Bush hand puppet, they will stay where they are if Bush has his way…and he probably won’t. George is in the corner now and fighting like a sick cat to defend his rapidly shrinking territory and almost non-existent authority. While Israeli leaders are quivering with joy over the election of Sarkozy, they are furious about the coming AIPAC trials and over the probable departure of Wolfowitz, the prime architect of the Iraqi war they so earnestly desired.

The hoped-for invasion, or at least attack, on Iran is not going to happen. It’s not that there is not a will but there is not a way. We are so tied down in Iraq and an attack on Iran could have serious military consequences if they resisted and, worse, counterattacked, that the joint U.S./Israeli plan has been shelved. However, that having been said, I have heard pretty strong rumors that while conventional bombing and ground battles are out, there is a possibility that BW/CW might not be. The Israelis are so furious that we will not do their dirty work for them, that they are threatening some kind of clandestine blackmail against us by threatening to loose anthrax on Iran and blame it on someone else. Who could that be? Why us, of course. They would know nothing. This has the Pentagon, and others, very rattled because Israel is entirely capable of doing this. I suppose they have heard the rumors that the Arabs are going to let smallpoz loose in their country so perhaps they are using this as a preemptive strike. In any case, we would be much better off with either no allies at all or much more rational ones.”

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