Women Will Poison Themselves for Love

Alexandra Fox – henrymakow.com March 8, 2013

Young women don’t behave promiscuously because they enjoy it, or because they want cash or career benefit – but simply because they want what women have always wanted – acceptance.
And the deafening social message is that they will only get this acceptance through being promiscuous.
It’s cool, sophisticated, liberated, and, above all else, confirmation of the only female trait that matters any more – “hotness”.
If a woman can get a drunken stranger to fall into bed with her, she must be pretty “hot”, right?
After all, drunk young men wouldn’t sleep with just anyone, would they?!
Women at once believe sex means nothing – you can do it with anyone, any time, anywhere – but also that it means everything. It’s not about being pretty or beautiful any more. These terms seem quaint. It’s specifically “hotness” – sex appeal – that women use to measure and market themselves.
This is why we now have 13-year-old girls dispensing sexual favors to boys at parties, and educated young women taking up careers in lap-dancing.
Female identity has been so warped and shattered by cultural Marxism that women conceive of themselves as sexual utilities – available to anyone who wants to use them.
There are no preconditions for this – no emotional connection, respect, or love required. They don’t even have to enjoy it. As your article says, the only important thing is that they can “claim the act”. They can wear it like some kind of twisted “badge of dishonour”.


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