Video of the Qaher 313 in Flight

News Commentary – March 7, 2013

When Iran first unveiled its new stealth fighter in February many western commentators responded with smirking cynicism. Indeed some claimed that the Qaher 313 was an outright fake.
Business Insider went to some length to explain precisely why the Qaher 313 may never even fly. Concluding that Iran is “famous for building models and systems it never intends to fly”.
Days later a report appeared in the Independent that seemed to confirm that. Claiming that images of the Qaher 313 in flight were obviously the result of “photoshop” manipulation, the Independent quoted one aviation expert as saying that the plane was:

“nothing more than a large mock-up model made out of plastic”, lacking “the characteristic rivets (and) bolts all aircraft, including stealthy ones, feature.”

A spate of similar stories followed and they all featured the same smirking cynicism that is so prevalent in the Western media. The very news outlets that had once made great play over Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction now went to similar lengths to dismiss or deride claims of advances in Iran’s conventional weapons technology.

Iran’s ‘fake’ fighter jet which experts say can’t fly is spotted in the air (with a little help from Photoshop)

World trembles in confusion and/or fear at Iran’s fiberglass airplane

Iran’s new Qaher-313 stealth fighter: No, it’s not April fools day

The same journalistic double standard persists. The same news outlets that had once been so eager to publicise the threat posed by Saddam’s WMD – and are now ready to deride Iranian claims of advanced conventional weapons – are still ready to give credence to reports about Iran’s WMD, however speculative.
Nonetheless, as we pointed out when it was first unveiled, the Qaher 313 displayed for the press and public may well have been a working prototype. Not the final version of the plane intended for production.
Moreover, a new video has emerged of the Qaher 313 confirming that assessment. Featuring earlier footage of the plane on display, it also features new footage of what appears to be the Qaher 313 in flight.
No doubt those who so readily dismissed the Qaher 313 as a fake will dismiss this latest video as an elaborately staged propaganda ploy too. Or maybe they’ll just ignore it.
Either way, we should be a little more sceptical if not downright cynical about the mainstream media. After the fiasco over Iraq’s much publicised but mythical WMD, it’s clear that many of the intellectual whores in the corporate media are also in the pay of Western intelligence and work a double agenda.
It cannot be over-emphasised: the same media that went to town on Saddam’s WMD are now giving ample coverage to speculation about Iran’s WMD. At the same time however, they are playing down reports on advances in Iran’s conventional weapons technology.
It’s as if they were conditioning the Western public for military action over Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. While to make the prospect seem less daunting, the Western media is also portraying Iranian conventional weapons technology as a laughable fraud.
What looks like the Qaher 313 in flight appears from 0:19 to 0:42 and again from 2:20 to 2:43. We reserve judgement on the footage and leave readers to decide for themselves.

F-313 Qaher (Conqueror) New Iranian Stealth Fighter

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