Publish Book – Get Turned Over by Police

Ashley Mote – March 5, 2013

No, I am not making this up.

My memoirs A Mote in Brussels’ Eye describing my five years in the Brussels lunatic asylum came out as an eBook at the end of January,

Today, March 5, nine policemen arrived unannounced at my front door armed with a warrant to search our home.

Much of my book details my efforts on behalf of the taxpayers of SE England to expose the gross misuse of public funds by the EU, and hold them accountable.

Such an unusually fast reaction by Brussels tells me they are both very angry and terrified. My book is obviously causing them trouble.

The police team were from the Economic Crime Investigation Team based in Netley, Hampshire. They were led by Robert Cooper (1234) and financial investigator Nigel Hopkins (11276)

The search warrant, indecipherably signed only yesterday by a JP, is apparently based on the EU’s accusation that I used public funds to investigate them!

No, I am still not making this up.

It seems I should not have paid anyone to assist my work – not anti-EU organisations, whistleblowers, current and former members of EU staff, forensic accountants, a leading constitutional lawyer, Leolin Price QC, no less, or any other lawyers – to say nothing of the scores of individuals with knowledge of wrong-doing who sought me out over the years.

The police took away a few documents which they thought relevant – but one was from the EU itself threatening action!

But they also took every penny of cash they found in the house on the grounds that this was a “money-laundering” exercise! This afternoon I couldn’t even pay the milkman!

Happily my book is already doing well. Now it might do even better. If you haven’t seen it yet, my new blog website has all the details:

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