Catapulting to the Bending End

Visible Origami – March 7, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Visible Origami is that place where we talk about personal transformations, as they may apply to the reader and about metaphysics, in terms of transmissions received by me and also in the respect that they may apply to the reader and providing a forum for the reader to present commentary, relevant to the subject at hand. I had an amusing visitation over at Petri Dish just now. We don’t usually get the monstrously pedantic at these sites but it does happen on occasion and it is always a source of amusement. I feel like I want to be kind because, who knows? In ten thousand years all kinds of things could change and evolution will have the chance to do it’s slow maple syrup drip, into a new state of perception; agonizingly, arduous and slow. End digression.
For several years I have had a wax buildup going on in my left ear. It had gotten the where I couldn’t really hear much out of it. Today I went to the ear doctors and a big ball of gunk got displaced. What a difference! It was psychedelic for an hour or two. I’m working at addressing all kinds of concerns now. The time has come to drop off a car load of hitchhikers who have traveled with me as personal accessories; a form of camouflage, if you will, taking me safely past the pitfalls of presumption, concerning someone I am not, voyaging to the point of transition, where infinite possibility awaits, beyond premature assumption of something that had not come to term. To allow things to naturally come to term is a far better course than to put the cart before the horse.
So, I’ve been told the next serious upgrade cannot proceed with these hitchhikers in my car; fine with me. The moment I heard about it, the root attachments fell away, as if they had never been there in the first place. That’s when you know it’s authentic and it hasn’t changed a wit in the past ten days, except to grow stronger, more committed and easier. It’s like falling down into a room where everything is music, to paraphrase Rumi.
These are times of frenetic impatience. So many people want to be there already but they’re not ready. The cosmos is not fond of such chicanery and will expose you at the optimum time and you won’t recover from it. Better by far to let it unfold and fly, when the wings are tuned to endless and tireless flight. That’s when you have the wind beneath your wings, that invisible lift that affirms the cosmos approves of your engagement. You can’t make the grade, unless you are recognizing of the fact that you are just a front for something of primal essence, rather that a self important charade based on no enduring source of intelligent light.
Whatever quirks and strange behaviors that may have existed prior to consciousness ascension are of no importance. They fall away in the immediacy of transformation. Such things are guaranteed for those determined to that end above all other things, or for those born to a moment in time when the cosmic clock comes into accord with the personal clock. Nothing can stop this, other than one pushing for it before it is meant to occur and there’s a lot of that. There’s a lot of spiritual smash and grab going on. It’s big money and no difficult trick to seduce, mystify and mesmerize those who pursue these states out of desperation, or latent affinity with deception; hoping to occupy a similar space as soon as opportunity arrives when the right time presents itself, through some mysterious unknown process. Everything that was out of balance, or sorted into the wrong slot, magically adjusts itself, within and without and the proof of that is evident in every following event that affirms it by relentless adjustments, all of them dovetailing to a single point of focus. It’s unmistakeable. Every other alternative is a mistaken detour of eventually unnavigable jungle. The denser the foliage the more certain it is that you are going in the wrong direction.
This is where, “I don’t know” comes in because any and every personal belief system, falls short of THE reality. You pull up short and run into signposts like, “Under Construction”, “Dead End”, “No Through Way”, something of that order. All the advice you get falls short because it only applies to the personal dynamic and the eventual closing advice is, “Ditch the personal schematic”. Of course, life’s progressive events will make that clear in any case. It’s like looking for God in a building designed by men who were incapable of comprehending the intended resident; not that anyone ever does, or wearing an outfit, which designates you are a member of a particular order of lost souls, who sooner or later, have to admit, Je suis perdu, Ich bien verloren, or some such, depending on what side of the Tower of Babel you are situated on.
The Tower of Babel is associated with the same cosmic motive as the existence of all these seemingly different deities with their differing dogmas and doctrines. None of any of it is relevant until you have gone beyond them. Wise men and women have said since the beginning, to paraphrase Lao Tzu, ‘the Tao that can be spoken of, defined or described, is not the real Tao’. This would seem to indicate a solitary state, even in the midst. Surely, the visceral awareness of this sets you apart from the maddening crowd of boisterous voices, raised in shrill argument, concerning what they most obviously do not get; that being something I don’t get.
The thing about making claims about yourself, which are not one hundred percent true, is that eventually you have to substantiate those claims in one way or another. The cosmos is pretty unforgiving about that kind of thing because the cosmos is the only one who is empowered to make those claims about you. Even when you are making the claims, you need authorization.
To most of us, at one time or another, comes the great transformations that we have heard of in the lives of exceptional souls who have gone before. It’s a matter of passing through the stations, after which, in each case, an entirely new reality rises up around and within you.
We are all beset with shortcomings and they bedevil us. It seems that there is nothing we can do to rid ourselves of them. No practice or austerities seem to work in many cases. There is a very good reason for this. The shortcoming doesn’t depart until the comparative quality is ready for granting and all qualities are resident at their particular station. You drop off the one and you pick up the other and some of them are found only in the final stations before liberation becomes attainable, given that the ballast and other retardants have made their exit.
One knows when certain things have run their course and then it is a breeze to jettison them. Before that, all the pitching and moaning and seemingly endless struggle is to no avail. If one is unrelenting in bringing the focus of the heart and mind back to the only thing of importance, regardless of whether it is of any importance to the majority of the population. Their indifference has nothing to do with its intrinsic and enduring value. So long as one does not fade away from the consideration and pursuit of the great prize, one cannot fail. These are interesting times. They could be symbolized by a catapult. When you find yourself in that catapult seat, you are where you want to be. At some point it will release and send you rocketing through time and space, past all manner of things you would formerly have had to live thru. You may not make it to the bending end, flying thru the totality of your waiting lifetimes but you will leave a whole lot of unnecessary garbage experiences and the attraction for them behind you and you will be much much closer to your objective.
Something to think about.
End Transmission…….


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