West Ups the Ante with Syria

News Brief – March 6, 2013

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague says Britain will take “more active efforts” to assist opposition forces in Syria. Under the pretext of trying to avert a “humanitarian crisis”, he says Britain will now supply ‘Syrian rebels’ with armoured vehicles and body armour.
In addition Hague urged other EU members to assist the Syrian opposition, saying:
“…if a political solution to the crisis in Syria is not found and the conflict continues, we and the rest of the European Union will have to be ready to move further” (Source)
Hague added: “we should not rule out any option for saving lives”.
Such arrogance and contempt for the general public’s intelligence is breathtaking.
As if we didn’t know that covert Western assistance to ‘Syrian rebels’ – many of who are not even Syrian – helped foment the crisis in the first place and helps sustain it now.
Admittedly, it’s not being portrayed that way in the corporate media but anyone with a laptop and grain of independent thought knows we are being lied to by the likes of Hague.
While his appeal for more EU assistance in the conflict has less to do with “saving lives” than it has to do with overthrowing Syria’s President Assad.
Hague must really think the public are morons if he thinks his humanitarian concerns won’t be seen as a pretext toward that end.
However, some European Union members have already upped the ante.
Iranian news services are reporting that France has supplied ‘Syrian rebels’ with Russian made Igla anti-aircraft missile systems.
According to Fars News Agency, Libyan member of the al-Qaeda terrorist group revealed that France supplied armed groups in Syria with Russian Igla anti-air missiles and even trained them to use the weapons.
That’s the very same al-Qaeda the West is supposedly fighting in its “War on Terror”. Meaning that the West is ready to aid and assist al-Qaeda when it suits its purposes, such as when it comes to helping to overthrow Syria’s President Assad.
Fars quoted Othman Trablosi , a member of the Libyan al-Qaeda group as saying: “Qaddafi’s regime had good relations with the Russians and purchased various weapons from them, including Igla anti-air missiles, which are similar to the US Stinger anti-air shoulder-launched missiles”.
After Qaddafi’s regime collapsed the rebels tried to seize its army’s weapons and ammo caches, but the French army that had supported the Libyan rebels with logistical and intelligence backups, collected 232 Igla missiles.
Thereafter Trablosi explained, “the French transported the al-Qaeda members and the Igla missile systems from Benghazi to the Southern provinces of Turkey on a Bulgarian cargo plane and then ferried them across the border into Syria.”
At each and every step, Trablosi explained, the French army exercised tight control over the weapons.
His disclosures also underline growing French-Turkish covert involvement in the Syrian conflict. Last week a Lebanese website revealed Turkish-French spy agencies plans to assassinate President Assad.

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