Workplace Doesn’t Work for Women

by Alexandra Fox – March 5, 2013 (

After nearly a decade in the working world here in London England, I can confirm the accuracy of Mary’s article “Six Reasons Working Women Aren’t Equal.” In particular, I liked Mary’s point that bosses (male and female) are afraid of threatening male employees, but keep females “in-line” by constant threats of termination. So here are five more reasons why young women are naturally designed to making raising their own children their first priority:
1. Women are far more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in the workplace than men; firstly because authority figures target them more, and secondly because innate female nature stops women from being as assertive as men.
While men will require a financial incentive to work overtime, women will do it uncomplainingly for free (and then moan about it to their flatmates later). While men will directly request a pay-rise and confidently negotiate with the boss for it, women will keep quietly working for peanuts, hoping their hard work will eventually be noticed.

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