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Smoking Mirrors – March 5, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Spring has arrived here with force and power; brilliant sunlight and a rising temperature, are firm evidence that printemps has landed in my neck of the woods. It saunters in with grace and the promise of good things to come. It is a time of new beginnings, a time of hope and incipient joy, lurking in the soon to be blooming underbrush. What could possibly not go right under such blessed circumstances? The heart soars and all the wounds and forgettable sorrows, fade as their time comes to termination. I feel like dancing and singing. The house is daily filled with Susanne’s lovely voice, as her own stirrings are irrepressible.
Mercury may still be in retrograde but you can’t measure that according to me. Something has happened in the planetary alignment. Maybe it is my recent Jupiter/Neptune trine. Whatever it is, it’s good and I’ve been told it is to continue and increase. That’s outstanding news. It’s been a long crawl over broken glass and missing cobblestones, on unknown streets by the dark of the moon. It has called for a careful feeling of one’s way, lest one turns their ankle in unnecessary haste to arrive where? This is the presumption and arrogance that leads us into difficulty and injury. I am thankful for patience and persistence as much as anything. This is a sign not to be discouraged by the unexpected. It is my nature to always look for the deeper meaning. It may be tardy in its arrival but it always comes. Grasping for quick and simple answers takes one into the realm of half truths.
In the meantime, the outrageous and absurd, shoots itself in the foot. The tragically amusing marches right alongside. These things seem to be the hallmark of the age. Evil does not seem to want to die a natural death but, then again, there is nothing natural about evil. In the midst of it all, good things are happening. Our inventiveness out of necessity is a marvel to behold. Alternatively, some are truly fearless in their pursuit of justice. Here in this time of great transition people all over the world are losing their lunch as the evil within is forced out to the surface. As I have mentioned many times. When the avatar comes, he pushes all that has been hidden on the inner planes outward into the material world for the purpose of judgment. He comes with a new broom and sweeps it all clean form top to bottom. People whose vision is limited only to what they can see with the physical eye are often unaware that what we see, ‘out here’ is being manipulated from, ‘in there”.
The more time passes on the way to critical mass and the summation zone, the crazier and stupider it gets. Expect it. Rely on this happening. If you remain sane it won’t touch you. It is the resolution of personal destinies en masse. Each are in their own cubicle of karma. You are not in that cubicle, unless you imagine yourself to be, or are sucked into it as a result of false identification with what you are not. This is a danger we should all be consistently aware of; the efforts taking place to control our imaginations and to focus them on the deranged and unreal. You can see it taking place all around you and because of the pressure of group mis-think, it is a powerful form of negative magnetism.
We like to think of ourselves as individuals apart from the maddening crowd, We think of ourselves as consciously separate entities from the congestion of ignorance on all sides but that is not entirely true. We are all influenced to some degree and that is why so many mystics and spiritual seekers have gone off into the isolation of the wilderness, to commune with the infinite, beyond the surrounding distraction of the burning cities and looted plains of of this plundered planet. It’s hard to maintain the requisite optimism required during times like these, when the very worst among us have risen into such powerful and unopposed prominence. This is all a blind to seduce our faith into doubt. Never imagine it will not turn out well for the best of us who have been unflinching in our steadfastness.
I want to sincerely thank the majority of the readers for sticking by me and also for recognizing that I don’t have to operate according to false and fabricated standards of behavior, as if I were wearing a cassock and belonged to some rigid and repressed order of anally retentive monks, trapped in a constipated corridor of conformity and uniformity. We get used to believing we have to abide by certain unchanging laws of behavior, with zero flexibility. This is not and never has been true. Spontaneity is one of the great attributes of real spirituality and for those whose freedom is locked up in dogma and cant, it will sooner or later break out in unpleasant ways through the weakest link in the chain, as we have noted among the servants of the Catholic Church and many another fundamentalist creed. Perverted sexuality on the one hand and violence on the other.
I want to also thank anonymous, sniping from the shadows and unable, out of cowardice to leave their names because it proves an important point about their point of view; meaning there is no substance contained within. It’s just another kind of affirmation as far as I am concerned. It’s all good, even when it appears to be bad. I’m coming to believe that many times, bad is just undiagnosed good …and evil, simply the raw fuel that lifts the good off of the launching pads of our lives.
In former times, thunder and lightening were considered evil and a sign that the Gods were angry. Those living in the ignorance of those times would seek to propitiate these gods with baskets of fruit and sometimes human sacrifice, just as they would yearly sacrifice someone to ensure a season of bounty from the fields. It’s not like anything has changed except for the manner of expression. We never see things as they are in our own times but we’ve all got 20-20 hindsight. We’re experts on the way things were, even when we definitely, imperfectly remember. More and more, I am getting the impression that, “it’s all good”. I just don’t see the totality, or I am seeing it through a lens colored by a certain degree of prejudice, in one direction or the other. I seek a complete impartiality but I’m not there yet. I will be though. I will be.
They say that an optimist is someone who just hasn’t gotten the bad news yet. In my case, I’ve been given the bad news for years but it hasn’t changed my perspective one wit. I’ve always known that I was seeing imperfectly and I consider that one of my better virtues, in that I don’t always automatically assume I am right. One of my mottoes is that once you realize you are wrong, you are no longer wrong, you’re right. We have such a tremendous investment in being right and that is why we argue. If we were right we wouldn’t have to argue and we wouldn’t argue. The more we insist and the more smoke that comes out of our ears, the more wrong we are. Serenity and tranquility come out of the deep assurance of being free of insistence upon anything. What it is is its own affirmation and what is not, will fade from view because we will no longer be maintaining it as a fixed commodity. We hold the false in manifestation by the force of our misinformed will. If we were simply to release everything, then everything would naturally find it’s natural place, all by itself.
We are responsible for all that is untrue about ourselves. We have an attachment to the sum of that which is born out of the insecurity of not knowing who we are. Not knowing who we are, we have fabricated an unreasonable facsimile. After the passage of time, we accept that this must be true of us and we will defend it at all costs. We are defending something that doesn’t exist and that guarantees that our defensiveness will rise to the maximum.
What could possible go sideways on a day like this? The sheer exuberance of Lady Nature, bursting out all over, is a thrilling experience. I can’t comment further on it. You would have to be here. Well, we have come to the end of yet another posting and I’ll see you tomorrow with a followup on subjects as yet unknown to me. Have a wonderful day and don’t let appearances get you down. That’s all they are, appearances.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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