Obama Not Bluffing Over Military Option, Biden tells AIPAC

News Brief – March 4, 2013

Vice-president Joe Biden told the powerful pro-Israeli lobby group AIPAC on Monday that President Obama was not bluffing when it came to Iran.
Although a diplomatic solution in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program was preferable, he told AIPAC delegates that a military option remained on the table.
“The president of the United States cannot, and does not, bluff. President Barack Obama is not bluffing,” Biden told delegates at the Washington conference.
Biden assuarance will be welcomed by hard-line Zionists, many of whom have grown increasingly concerned that President Obama lacks resolve in dealing with Iran over its nuclear program.
Although Iran insists its nuclear program is entirely peaceful, hardline Zionists and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claim that Tehran is working toward developing a nuclear weapon.
As yet, no hard evidence to support those claims has emerged.
Nonetheless, the key points of Biden’s speech to the AIPAC were obviously aimed at easing Zionist worries. When Obama took office, Biden claimed that “Iran was in the ascendent”. Now it wasn’t, he said.
Not every Israeli supporting American would agree with that. Writing in the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin sounded entirely unconvinced by Biden’s speech.
Nonetheless, the Obama administration appears adamant in trying to convince Zionists that it is serious in its intentions in dealing with Iran.
The same day that Biden spoke to the AIPAC, Vice President Kerry told a news conference in Saudi Arabia that there was a time limit to how long talks could go on with Iran over its nuclear program.
Speaking at a joint press reception with Prince Saud al-Faisal, Kerry told reporters that “there was a finite amount of time” for the talks between Iran and the six major world powers.
Vice President Kerry’s words will be welcomed by AIPAC delegates who had earlier been told that any sort of compromise agreement with Iran would be wholly unacceptable.
Even early in the proceedings there was an added sense of urgency over Iran.
The AIPAC conference was opened by former top Obama aide Dennis Ross, who condemned the negotiations with Iran and insisted that the only sort of deal that could even be considered would be an immediate acquiescence on all issues by Tehran.
“Step-by-step” negotiations could achieve nothing acceptable, he told delegates.
Former Bush aide Elliott Abrams who took the podium after Ross, said Iran would never agree to a deal under any circumstances and insisted that sanctions had failed.
Both speakers agreed that 2013 would be the “decisive year” in the face-off with Iran. For although neither said as much, after 2013 hardline Zionists may not be able to persuade America to launch a military strike on Iran.
For even as the American Empire enters its twighlight years Iranian power is growing and the clock is ticking for Israel.

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