Does Monogamy Spell Monotony?

“Monogamy” (pictured here) is not a real game. It is a clever satirical statement that illustrates the essential difference between homo and hetero-sexuality: monogamy.

Some homosexuals are monogamous and plenty of heterosexuals are promiscuous.

I am using the term “homosexual” to describe what is happening to heterosexual society due to confusion over sexual identity caused by feminism. As a result, people can’t form successful marriages and therefore can’t be monogamous.

Heterosexuality is about forming a stable monogamous relationship with someone of the opposite sex for the purpose of procreation, ie. family. For some time, heterosexual values have been under attack by homosexual and feminist values illustrated by this satirical game.

Monogamy, [i.e. marriage] is boring, the parody implies. “The Classic Game of Frustration based on the popular stable relationship of the same name.” “Go to bed early.” “Visit the in-laws.” “Potter around the garden.” “Go to IKEA.”

In fact studies show married people have much more sex than single people, and are much more secure and happy. It stands to reason. You feel the passion. What’s easier? Going out to find someone, risking AIDS and STD’s and rejection, or making love with the person who loves you ?


Young heterosexual singles now emulate the dominant homosexual pattern. They go to gatherings, “hook up” with relative strangers and have impersonal sex. They have become “hetero-homos.”

They have more “variety” but is that what they really seek? I maintain they want what monogamy offers: security, trust and intimacy. This bond is the only thing that satisfies a craving for love which at bottom is not sexual, but spiritual.

Promiscuity is the self-defeating protest of people who can’t form a permanent bond because of confusion over their sexual identity.

As my readers know, I believe masculinity is defined by power; femininity by love. Men want power. Women want love. Marriage (or monogamy) is based on the exchange of the two: a woman entrusts her power to a man in exchange for his power expressed as love. This is how two people become one. This is the basis of intimacy and trust. Naturally a woman cannot trust a man without a courtship.

Feminism causes sexual confusion by making women demand “equality” and “independence” effectively neutering both sexes and making marriage less viable.

The sex act symbolizes a woman’s surrender of power in return for love and protection. This surrender requires permanence, especially if there are children. The married male and female is the best configuration for raising children because of the natural division of skills. Heterosexual children also need role models.

The sex act enacts the ritual of creation: a woman accepts a man’s seed, which represents his spirit. It is an act of love. How did impersonal sex, so humanly degrading, become the norm?

The short answer is that Western culture is secretly guided by central bankers who belong to a Satanic homosexual cult. It seeks to control people by erasing gender roles and eliminating the nuclear family. It seeks to divorce sex from love, marriage and procreation; and enshrine sex as a religion. It also seeks to reduce population. This cult, the Illuminati, is behind Communism and the New World Order (EU.NAU.)

We see its hidden hand in the promotion of homosexuality (i.e. gender confusion) in the name of “tolerance.” Students are being suspended for voicing opposition to homosexuality or for refusing to participate in homosexual conditioning.

We see its hand in “Playboy” magazine which taught a generation of young men to see women as sex objects and marriage and family as a burden. We see it in feminism which encourage women to pursue career and casual sex instead of marriage and family.

We see its hand in the prevalence of pornography. There are four million pornographic sites on the Internet showing nearly identical naked images. Talk about monotony.

We see its hand in the common tendency to choose mates on the basis of sex appeal. Sex is 10% of married life. Shouldn’t we choose a mate for the other 90%?

Isn’t “variety” an illusion anyway? The best qualities of men and women are pretty universal. We need to find just one person who exhibits some of them.


I’ve said these things before but heterosexuals need to reaffirm their identity. We are under relentless psychological attack from elite media & social engineers who want to undermine the basic source of social stability- marriage/family.

Ideally, heterosexuality is about mating for life and raising children who represent the best we have to offer the world. It represents the continuity of family down through the generations. For this we need the stability that comes from monogamy.

They make monogamy seem “uncool” but there’s nothing boring about a life devoted to something higher than sex.

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.