Six Reasons Why Working Women Aren’t Equal

Mary – March 4, 2013

I would like to tell you of some of my conclusions I have come to from observations and experiences at employment, for males and females. God created us differently and to do otherwise is to upset nature.
First of all, there can be no equal treatment at the workplace for males and females in terms of pay. How can you compare a female ( single – has fewer bills, married – has husband to also support her) to a male who has to provide for himself and his family?
Second, women should not be given managerial positions in mixed gender employment settings.  A  woman commanding a man is against nature and God. The man can’t talk back to the boss because he has a family to feed. He feels anger and that is directed against other females in general. I think that’s something very wrong! Yet society is encouraging this to be the norm and calls it progress.

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