The Last Breath of Romanian Nationalism – March 2, 2013

Cabalism (Satanism) took over the world using Communism as one of its many fronts. Nowhere was this struggle for control more brutal than in Eastern Europe.
This article commemorates the heroic Christian nationalist leader, Corneliu Codereanu (1899-1937) and his Legionary Movement (“The Iron Guards”) now smeared as “fascists” in the Illuminati-controlled mass media.

by Christopher Thorpe

“The History of Corneliu Z Codreanu and the Legionary Movement” (Excerpts)

After graduating from high school in 1919, Codreanu was accepted into the University of Iasi and left Husi for Iasi. He had already read many works by the famous professors Nicolae Iorga and A.C. Cuza, which taught him the ideals for Romania:
1. The unification of Romanian people.
2. The elevation of peasantry through land reform and political rights.
3. The solution of “the Jewish problem.”
After arriving in Iasi, Codreanu found that the city and university were heavily influenced by Communist agitators and that even many professors were Marxists. The Romanian workers were experiencing terrible working conditions and had very low wages, and had therefore been drawn to Communism by Marxist propagandists. Students at the University of Iasi were also largely converted to Communism, and Communist student meetings attacked the Army, Justice, Church, and the Crown, essentially propagating anti-Romanianism.
After doing some research, Codreanu discovered that the leaders of the Romanian Communist workers were neither Romanians nor workers. At Iasi, the “workers’ movement” was led by Dr. Ghelerter along with Messrs, Gheler, Spiegler, and Schreiber. At the capital, Bucharest, the leaders were Ana Pauker and Ilie Moscovici.
All of them, Codreanu found, were Jews. Realizing that like in Russia, where a largely Jewish-led Bolshevik revolution occurred a few years earlier, Romania was in danger of being taken over by Jewish Communists who would destroy everything Romanian. He commented:
“If these had been victorious, would we have had at least a Romania led by a Romanian workers’ regime? Would the Romanian workers have become masters of the country? No! The next day we would have become the slaves of the dirtiest tyranny: the Talmudic, Jewish tyranny. Greater Romania, after less than a second of existence, would have collapsed.” (Codreanu, For My Legionaries)

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