Pyongyang, Tehran vow to “stand up to arrogant global powers”

Iran will assist North Korea economically and help it otherwise to “stand up to arrogant global powers,” an Iranian top official said Thursday.

“Tehran does not see any obstacles in developing ties with Pyongyang and is ready to offer its economic, infrastructural, and technological achievements for North Korea’s progress and prosperity,” first vice president of Iran Parviz Davoodi said in Tehran during a meeting with deputy North Korean foreign minister Kim Hyong-jun.

He said the two countries were very close on many international issues, including “standing up to arrogant global powers.”

“The era of arrogance and oppressing powers is history. The victory belongs to freedom-loving and independent nations,” he said.

The North Korean official said Pyongyang supported Iran in the standoff over its nuclear program.

“The peaceful use of atomic power is an inalienable right of all countries. The oppressing powers, including the United States, cannot stand in the way of progress of others,” he said. “North Korea is interested in using Iran’s experience and achievements in various sectors, including capital investment and utilities.”

The U.S. has included Iran and North Korea in President George W. Bush’s “axis of evil” as Pyongyang tested a nuclear device in October 2006, while Tehran has consistently defied international calls for the suspension of uranium enrichment, which would bring it closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon.

As a response, the U.S. plans to deploy missile defenses against a perceived nuclear attack from the two “rogue states.”