Men, Take Your Mind off Sex

Anthony Migchels – March 1, 2013

Porn is without a doubt a truly horrible spiritual attack, with devastating effects on family and the fabric of society. One does not have to be a saint to see this. One must be a fool to deny it.
There is every reason for men to complain about women; most of them are simply horrible. There is an all-out war against men going on and the feminists are the “useful idiots” destroying their protectors. But to use that as a valid excuse to turn to porn is wrong and self defeating.
Nowadays it is commonplace to read in ‘news’papers and magazines that ‘men think of sex every 2 seconds’. I can tell you this: I have days on end without thinking of sex even once. But many men go along with this complete nonsense and assume their masculinity is dependent on their craving for sex.
In truth: it’s the other way around. If you want to be a complete idiot not even worth being trampled on by a feminist, than please continue to be a sex crazed moron. If you want to be a man, get a grip.
It’s sometimes hard to have normal relations with other men these days. You can’t walk down the street enjoying a conversation for one minute before the other guy is distracted by some tits or ass, it’s pathetic.
I remember how I woke up to this myself. I was healing from a nasty youth and I started to realize my sexual fantasies were rather violent and power based. David Deida helped me see it. Slowly but surely I started to disallow these thoughts in my brain. It cost me years, but they’re gone now, and I’m a better man for it.


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