The Ides of Hell are Calling your Name

Smoking Mirrors – March 1, 2013

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We are entering the zone. I call it ‘the zone’ because that is the place where justice finally steps out of the shadows from which it has been watching the action; “though the mills of God (justice) grind slowly, they grind exceedingly small”. What befuddles us most is the appearance of things. Our media, our sources of information for the world external, are saturated with lies. These organs of disinformation do not reflect reality but rather present life as it appears in a funhouse mirror; people, events, conditions …are stretched into a consumable absurdity. We’ve gotten so used to it that it seems to be normal. Normal hasn’t been around here in a tortoise’s age.
Guru Bawa, in one of his many discourses said that one of the hallmarks of the end times is the appearance of cannibalism. St. Dalmer of the Darkness was the precursor. Of course Emperor Bokassa was no slouch either. Economic pundits study trends and make projections, so do sociologist and experts from all of the synthetic sciences, where the results reflect the conclusions they are paid to fabricate and deliver. Those possessing jnana or an inspired, metaphysical perspective, can note the real trends taking place. Catamite scientists can only evade what ‘is’ up to a point because… what is, is what is and what is not, cannot be sustained beyond a temporary period of time. This is why all lies are inevitably revealed to be lies and are exposed for all the duped world to see, when the time comes. When the time comes.
You can only push so hard in certain places before someone pushes back. In the wider sense, the entire push and shove of the Satanist bankers, is to create such dire conditions in the empire that martial law will be declared. Every effort taking place and being set in place by the administrative, legislative and judicial arms of the bought and sold government of empire, is geared and focused in this direction. The economic austerities, brought about by massive off the charts skullduggery and theft; the destruction of the manufacturing base, the corruption and manipulation of the legal system. The fuel costs and the food costs fluctuating in such a way that it looks like demons playing with a yo-yo. Unfortunately, The Cat’s Cradle is actually a trapdoor, spider’s web.
The carnival is in town and it doesn’t matter where you live for the most part. The carnival is composed of many games of chance. It has that gormenghastian funhouse, all twisty mirrored thing. There are freaks and geeks, biting the heads off of a chicken and maybe there is even a dancing chicken, a la Pure Country. The suckers come and the suckers go. It looks like you can put that ring around the neck of the bottle but appearances are deceiving and physics is fact. Of course you can swish the basketball from that distance, only you don’t know that the rim is smaller in diameter to the one you are used to. The carnival is a racket, just like Las Vegas, just like the entertainment industry, just like the music business; probably the same thing. Yeah, “it’s the same thing, only different”. Yes folks, I’m looking for a steel cage match between, It’s the same thing, only different” and “new and improved”.
“In this corrrrrrrrrner, wearing the blood red trunks and weighing more than you ever want to have to carry on your back in any lifetime, the shyster of shit-speak, the demon of crushed expectations, the harbinger of bad things in your body, the killa in Vanillla, ‘cept we prefer Plumeria sap. Murderer of millions, some by knockout and boots to the heart and lungs and bloodstream, some by slow disfiguring, waste away (Coca Cola? I shoulda stuck with crystal meth) and some by any number of poisonous avenues, cleaner of car battery contacts, I give you, the present, heavyweight champion of vile world wide lies; Mr. Same thing only Different (the crowd roars) aaaaaaaaaand in the other corner, over there, somewhere, in the bluer than a terminally, can’t be fixed, broken heart, blue trunks is the challenger, Mr. New and Improved. Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmmble. Tonight, your referee, is the newly resigned Pope, His lack of grace, lese majeste, Mr. I’m getting out of Dodge before I wind up holding the bag for centuries of evil shit, where thing go bump in the sacristy at night, your own Pope Rottweiler, Bennie the Gyp.
Yes, it’s a carnival and for some reason, for some reason, the suckers keep coming to the booths, like they do at the tables in Vegas, in backrooms around the land, seeking that big, once in a lifetime return on their investment, though they don’t realize what it is that they have actually invested, or what the real cost is. They keep coming back for more and more. The game has been fixed since the first 3 card-Monte cat put an ancient pebble under one of 3 clay goblets.
Lifetime after lifetime they go back to the table because one day, after all the terrible suffering of lifetimes, scrabbling and clawing among millions of their kind, the door to Easy Street will open and the Pinata will break of it’s own accord and the cornucopia will blow it’s goods out all over them like some guy who did coke the night before and also has the flu, cleans his nasal cavities over the discolored sink in some anonymous hotel room. The irony of it is that they won’t know what to do with it when they get it. They won’t be able to appreciate it because they are sure that someone wants to take it away from them. They become too cheap to share it, which might really make a difference in the enjoyment factor. They are now in the position where the real rush is simply being able to have it when so many others do not.
Easy Street may be out there somewhere, intersecting Prosperity Boulevard but Serenity Lane and Tranquility Alley are way cross town, outta town actually, even beyond the suburbs. Now, Uneasy Street that’s a whole other kind of road and that road runs inside of you, so that even when you are on Easy Street, you are on Uneasy Street at the same time. Who says you can’t be in two places at once? Balderdash!
You have to think of life as a little like a roulette wheel, eventually your number is going to come up and then it will be a matter of whether you were cheap or willing to risk it all. That will determine the amount you get. Payback is commensurate with faith. Now, if you were a good guy or gal, when your ship comes in, chances are you’re going to get some satisfaction and enjoyment out of it, provided you know who the supreme enjoyer is in the first place. That is kind of critical because that is the only portion of yourself that really enjoys anything. If you’re a bad guy and that can mean all kinds of things, like being cheap and only out for yourself, which isn’t a crime here but which is a definite no no everywhere you really want to be, if only you knew where that was and… I should add, that could be right here too. Well, no need to delineate, you get the picture or you don’t. In that case it will all turn sour on you, turn to ashes in your mouth and your existence will be populated with all the fair weather friends you deserve and all the betrayals and abandonments that come with the territory. Quite some number of people are finding this out now. Some of them are going mad and some of them are running into all sorts of problems.
It’s a strange new world we now enter into. For the moment, much of it is percolating beneath the surface but… just like boils, acne, shingles, or Karposi’s Sarcoma and so many of a like kind, these things will be stepping out into the light of day soon enough. It is the summing up of the age. What more can I tell you? Please observe the seat belt signs. Turbulence is expected.
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See the movie Kumare, that’s an order (grin)
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