Porn Destroyed My Husband

by “Deirdre Hamilton” — ( Feb 28, 2013 

Your website helped me through a rather rough time.
In a nutshell, it was revealed to me a year and a half ago (by God) that my husband of 19 years had been a porn addict for 12-14 years. Of course he lied when I first confronted him. My marriage had been bad for exactly that time but I have lived my life only to please God through Christ. I battled it keeping busy with bringing up my children and all the busy things of life.
I allowed him to continue not participating in anything in our lives except working to support us. I did everything else and whenever I ‘broke’ from overload, and we would argue, he would say nothing and of course I wanted to divorce many, many times.His nature is gentle and so he just became invisible to us. I made a plan in my head to leave him when my daughter turned 18. My story could obviously fill a book but I have endured for the next year and a half and I am glad I did because I learned so much more.
He is almost un-human now with no opinions, little or no emotions, cannot ‘see or hear’ what is really happening around us and is simply robotic. I have been trying with God’s help to bring him to ‘see’ but it seems impossible.
Your links to Judith Reisman educated me on what has taken place not only spiritually but physically in his brain and it is tragic and sad.
Continues (and note that in the readers comments some men actually side with the husband) …

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