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Visible Origami – Feb 28, 2013

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Well now. I had thought to put recent subjects aside but… it appears that further clarification is required. This is what I get for not being curious about things being said and then later they get brought to my attention by someone and I have to ponder it all and decide whether or not I want to get into saying things I already said a number of times. For some reason, things that I have gone to painful lengths to make clear, are not made clear to the people who are most in need of understanding them. Everyone else, to whom these things do not apply, gets them. It’s some kind of fugazy thing in the universe, which blocks the attention of certain people. Hopefully, this posting will answer any and all questions that may be lingering in the minds of those who are not using their minds to understand but only to project.
Let me begin with the subject of spiritual masters. There is no one kind of spiritual master. Only naive Pollyannas think this. Some people think that spiritual masters are wonderfully balanced, all knowing types who gaze at you with a faraway look of wisdom in their eyes. Some people think a spiritual master is someone like Eckhart Tolle, who drones on in a hypnotic modulation, putting his audience into a trance, who charges more the closer you sit to him and who walks out of each lecture with a satchel of cash under his arm. Some people get pissed off when I mention these things but… that’s how it is; argument is futile but usually unavoidable, unless one side doesn’t argue and… that would be me.
No, spiritual masters come in every color of the rainbow and can appear to be batshit crazy depending on what they are intending to accomplish, like the fairly well known Tibetan monk from Colorado (I think) who would go into a biker bar and get outrageously drunk and cause a huge scene but nothing would happen to him but he sure scared the shit out of the people who went in there with him. I’ve done things like this on occasion and nothing has happened to me either, nor did any of the things people thought might happen, happen. Now, I am not passing myself off as a spiritual master but… there are people who think I am and they have these expectations of me.
A couple of times there have been these events that created a certain amount of chaos in the environment. This only happened a couple of times. There have been dozens of meets and greets where nothing untoward has happened and people fly in to visit me all the time, or drive in by car, or take a train and everything goes splendidly and I am sure these people will attest to that. For the most part, these people do not have unreasonable expectations of me and in the cases where they do, I let it slide in that particular time frame. However, there are times when I feel the need to behave a certain way because, for whatever the reason, I am certain that what I suspect is going to reveal itself and in both situations it did. I would much rather pay the price at that point than further down the road.
Every time I wound up in deep shit, went to prison, came under the threat of prison, had unexpected domestic troubles (not always in that regard but sometimes) it was because I let someone into my life that I should not have. Throughout my life I have been entirely too trusting. I thought that was how I should be; forgetting the part in the Bible where it says, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. You would think I would remember that since I have an active and conscious serpent within me that cautions and advises but, not always, because sometimes I am on my own for the purpose of demonstration.
My take on how to interact with existence has been to throw myself completely into it without concern for life or limb. My essential premise has been, ‘no fear’. This is why I purposely have gone off into wild nature on my own and taken massive amounts of psychedelics, or gone to a remote dwelling and drank cup after cup of ayahuasca for days. Being in a very private setting like this and being completely in earnest about contact… ensures contact, in fact, it guarantees it.
I’m not doing this anymore for various reasons and the time has come for me to put all things of this kind aside, including my beloved American Spirit, et al. It won’t be difficult for a very definite reason. All of you are familiar with the results you get when you are indecisive and not fully committed. You are also familiar with the results you get when you are 100% committed. You just breeze right through. I know this because I have done it. In fact, I did this very thing on several occasions and it lasted for years at a stretch. These situations did not continue because the time had not yet come for that.
People who come to see me and try to put me on some absurd plane, or expect me to behave according to their expectations; as if I owe them that (and I don’t) are, under the surface, control freaks, who insist that I meet whatever criteria they require of me. My position on this is that I have no choice but to blow that out of the water. Sometimes I’ll crank it up before there is even any engagement. This comes about through internal prompting. My position is to be on equal footing with everyone, not to be greater than or lesser than. My position is to engage people with bonhomie and brotherhood and to love them unreservedly, if they will let me. When people take off on me with no warning, that’s a red flag and bespeaks some unknown intent. When people then publicize something in ways that are not reflected in the minds of nearly everyone else on the set, that is another red flag. ♫Red flags in the sunset, way out on the sea♫
Most people proceed through their lives with a certain degree of apprehension, concerning things they fear will happen or come upon them. Very often these things do not come upon them and even if they did, fear and apprehension do not help, in fact, they are a distinct liability. Everything happens for a reason and possessing the necessary confidence to accept this, in its totality, will insure the least distressing passage through whatever it is. That is the nature of the beast. The degree of your pain and suffering are directly related to the degree of your resistance to the necessary change demanded of you by the cosmos. This change, like all of them is manufactured for your good and ultimately with your liberation in mind. Unfortunately, it is human nature to take the wrong turn out of most changes because of some level of attachment, expectation or desire. People can hear words like this over and over and over again and not hear them or see them because their vision is clouded by the aforementioned.
Interestingly, I bear zero resentment toward anyone with whom certain demonstrations were carried out but… on the other end, that is not the case. Some might say, well this is all rationalization, that a problem exists which is not being addressed. If that were the case, it wouldn’t end immediately after I enter my door and not return. I would also not be able to function on all of the levels I do function on every day. When I went to Romania and into a very definite party atmosphere, where everyone was drinking and horsing around, I had no desire to join in. I just wanted to sit around and observe. This was making it difficult for them to dose me (grin). I just want to say again that I enjoyed myself immensely, so… no harm, no foul.
Some of us are not like everyone else and different things apply. As you proceed up the spiral staircase, all the dynamics change at every landing. The rules are different. On some of the landings a veritable quantum leap occurs. At a certain point you might be told that “good and evil no longer apply to you”. This does not mean you can suddenly start running around and offing people. What it means is that your inclinations no longer contain the sort of motivations that lead in certain directions and to certain results. Once your mind is fixed on the divine, if not completely, then to a specific degree, you are home free, except for the closing of the distance that remains. You still have to walk a ways through existence, from where you are, to where you are bound but there is no longer any question about you getting there. That’s where you want to be and it is possible for all of us with the right mix of industry, faith and certitude.
Let is be said here that I bear no ill will toward anyone at this point, including those who sought to harm me to the fullest extent. They were just playing their roles and I am infinitely grateful that that was not my role. Suffering backs off when the root nature of it is exposed to the consciousness. I think I will close with that.
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