Guy Carr: Globalists are Satanists

Guy Carr, a veteran of WWI submarine warfare, sounded the alarm on the Satanist conspiracy in books like Pawns in their Game (1955)  and Red Fog Over America (1956.) He describes personal contact with conspirators in this excerpt from Satan, Prince of this World, published posthumously in 1997
A senior Canadian bureaucrat told him:
“Stop trying to save the human race. The vast majority aren’t worth the time or the trouble. Most of them will be better off if they are forced to live under a totalitarian dictatorship; they will then get what the government decides is good for them.”

By Commander Guy Carr – Feb 27, 2013

(from Satan, Prince of this World, 1959, Chapter 8, Abridged)

I admit that as late as 1945, I was convinced that a One World Government was the ONLY solution to the world’s many problems particularly political, economic, social, and religious.
 It wasn’t until I came in personal contact with men who advocated and helped organize the United Nations Organization that I began to suspect that something was wrong somewhere.
When I was appointed to the staff of Naval Service headquarters in 1944, as the author of seven books already published, I was welcomed into the internationalist set. Thus, I came in personal contact with men in the top level of government in Canada who were protégés of William Lyon Mackenzie King, then Prime Minister. His house was “real” close to the Soviet Embassy. His henchmen (Hatchet men would be a better word) were ruthless and unscrupulous. Mackenzie King himself was as inscrutable as the proverbial sphinx. 

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