Purge of French Intelligence Underway

Neo-con purge of French intelligence services begins. Only days after the election of neo-con Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France, the expected neo-con purge of anti-Sarkozy members of the French intelligence and security services has begun. Captain Thierry Tintoni of the Renseignements generaux (RG) (General Intelligence service) has been questioned by a secret tribunal for violating secrecy laws. Tintoni is accused of providing defeated Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal with damaging information on Sarkozy’s conduct while Interior Minister. The French intelligence services will now face the same purges that befell similar neo-con purges of the U.S., British, Australian, Danish, and Italian intelligence services.

WMR’s French intelligence sources report that French intelligence services, including the DGSE and DST, expect a Stalinist-type purge by Sarkozy’s forces. Expected targets include agents suspected of being too close to the Socialists and those considered too pro-Arab. The Sarkozy team will also target those agents, who, through telecommunication intercepts of Sarkozy and his associates and officials of key American neo-con organizations, including the American Enterprise Institute and the American Jewish Committee, became aware of Sarkozy’s secret foreign policy and campaign financing channels. Sarkozy made foreign policy commitments with American neo-cons that ran at odds with the policies of outgoing President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique DeVillepin.

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