South Africa: Model for the NWO?

Gordon (a South African reader) – Feb 26, 2013

South Africa was a first world country that has morphed into a third world country.
If one looks at infrastructure, South Africa definitely qualified as a first world country.  It had a well maintained road network that actually worked.  Unlike the present malaise of bombed out roads interspersed with exorbitant toll roads, which were actually public roads turned over to friends of the ruling party, for tolls. 
What about the railways?  Previously most freight was transported by rail. In fact, there was legislation to compel the use of rail freight.  That was all done away with in the name of privatization. This led to the deterioration of the roads which then led to the privatization of public roads via tollgates. 
What about water resources?  Generally there was enough water until such time as water was given to all those who could not afford to pay for it, under the guise of human rights.

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