Oscar for Argo: A crime against humanity

Dr Kevin Barrett – Press TV Feb 25, 2013

Argo is a propaganda film. Like the films of Nazi publicist Leni Riefenstahl, it is well-made. Like those of Riefenstahl, it glorifies a murderous criminal organization. And like those of Riefenstahl, its ultimate purpose is to elicit hatred and turn its audience into mass murderers.

Riefenstahl glorified the Nazi party; Argo glorifies the CIA. Riefenstahl made Nazi war-mongering and Jew-hatred look beautiful; Argo makes Zionist-incited islamophobia and iranophobia look natural and inevitable and desirable.

Riefenstahl’s films helped open the door to World War II, which killed 70 million people.

Argo is designed to open the door to war on Iran and World War III, which could kill hundreds of millions or even billions.

The only award the makers of Argo deserve is a criminal conviction for crimes against humanity. Instead, Hollywood’s Zionist mafia has handed them an Oscar for best film of the year. The members of the academy should themselves be in the docket, facing war crimes charges, right alongside Ben Affleck.

But Affleck and the Hollywood mob aren’t just guilty of war crimes. They are equally guilty of treason against the United States of America.

Hollywood, you see, is a virtually 100% Jewish enclave. And with a few noble exceptions, the Jewish billionaires who own and run Hollywood, and determine what kinds of motion pictures dominate the world, are rabid supporters of Israel’s genocide in Occupied Palestine. Their films should be considered “enemy propaganda” – not just by Palestinians and their supporters, but by the American people.

Why? Because war on Iran – as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Chuck Hagel and all genuinely American strategists have been screaming from the rooftops – is an Israeli plan, not an American plan.

The Israelis want to drag America into wars against their enemies. And Iran is Israel’s public enemy number one.

Israel’s real problem with Iran isn’t those nonexistent nukes. (Both the CIA and Mossad have assured us that Iran is not building nuclear weapons.) Israel’s problem is that Iran’s government offers formidable ideological and material support to the Palestinian resistance.

Why is that America’s problem?

Because America is dominated by a powerful, treasonous Israeli fifth column. As Jewish, pro-Zionist comedian Bill Maher recently admitted, “The Israelis are controlling our government.”

Argo is enemy propaganda from Israeli-occupied Hollywood. It is a slick attempt to brainwash Americans into seeing Iranians as enemies. Argo seeks to drag the American consciousness back to 1979, when Iranians overthrew their CIA-installed torturer-in-chief, the Shah, and sought justice for his decades of misrule. It seeks to hide the fact that today, America and Iran should have good relations – and would have good relations, if Israel weren’t running US foreign policy.

I watched Argo on the plane en route to Iran, where I recently spent two weeks. The film depicts Iranians as scowling, bearded fanatics lusting for American blood. When I arrived in Tehran, I was surprised – well, not really that surprised – to discover that Iranians are friendly, gracious, smiling, generous people who absolutely love Americans. (They have no difficulty making the distinction between the American people, and the policies of the Israeli-dominated American government.)

After being held hostage to their kindness, hospitality, and generosity for fourteen days, all I can say is that I hope they kidnap me again soon.

Most Americans, unfortunately, do not have the opportunity to visit Iran.

If you put Mr. Average American on a plane for Tehran, and showed him Argo as the in-flight movie, he would probably have a panic attack and try to kick open the emergency exit door and bail out of the plane. That, of course, is precisely the kind of reaction the Hollywood Zionists created Argo to elicit.

In some ways, Argo is almost like a zombie horror movie, with Americans as protagonists, and Iranians as evil flesh-eating zombies. When, in Argo, the small group of Americans visits Tehran’s magnificent Grand Bazaar, only to be surrounded, mobbed, and threatened by vicious Iranian extremists hungering for their flesh and thirsting for their blood, I was reminded of nothing so much as the zombies-in-the-shopping-mall scenes from George Romero’s horror classic, Dawn of the Dead.

When I visited a bazaar in Tehran earlier this month, I had a wonderful time. The scene was lively and colorful. The throngs of shoppers were enjoying themselves. The sellers were courteous and fun to haggle with. Maybe they were hungering for my dollars and thirsting for my coins, but if so, they were reasonably polite about it. I did not experience any zombie attacks.

Argo depicts Iran as a living hell for Americans. But for me and the other Americans I visited with, it was more like a paradise.

Americans can live well in Iran on very little money. The Iranian rial’s value has dropped in relation to the dollar, thanks to the Zionist banksters’ currency war. A can of Coca-Cola or a candy bar costs a nickle, a gourmet meal can be had for a few dollars, and all sorts of Iranian-made items are available at bargain prices. (Iranians are getting very good at making all kinds of products, since the sanctions have made imports prohibitively expensive.)

But the best thing about Iran is its people. There are no false guides and scammers accosting you, as in some Middle Eastern countries. Iran’s people, regardless of philosophical, political, or religious persuasion, are both dignified and genuinely friendly. They have overcome the colonialist-imposed schizoid complex of servility/resentment. Iranians deal with Westerners, including Americans, naturally and amiably as equals.

When will the American government start treating Iran on a similar basis of natural amiability and equality?

The short answer: As soon as Americans take a lead from Bill Maher, and shake off Israel’s domination of their country.

When that happens, the makers of Argo, and the other Israeli occupiers of America’s media and entertainment industry, may have to seek refuge in Paraguay.



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