Planet X

Planet X is on it’s way here. Peggy Kane believes it will be passing by earth this year, others believe it is more likely to be closer to 2012. Some people out there refuse to even accept the existence of Planet X despite a growing amount of scientific evidence.

Evidence is what we are all seeking so that we can see if these theories hold up under scrutiny. Whilst the information heard in reverse speech about planet X will always be considered subjective, there are scientific facts which at the very least back up the general theory that there is a large planet moving closer to the centre of our galaxy.

The most obvious changes people are witnessing on a global scale is that of changing weather patterns and increased heat here on earth. Every year since about 2000/2001 the summer months are establishing new records, higher than the year before. So much so that 7 years on, the weather is considerably different. Of course we are all told that it is our fault, it is us that poisoned our own planet and now we are paying the price. The most notable figure pushing this garbage is Al Gore, who many already know to have a very interesting set of personal connections to secret societies that operate in the shadows. Yet there is one glaring and obvious set of facts that this narrow minded view does not take into account. That is the fact that all of the planets in our solar system are heating up. Therefore making the theory that this is our fault null and void. Or to give it the justice it deserves, is total bullshit.

In this I can back it up. Here are the official articles, the official pages of evidence that proves this.





Neptune’s Moon



No doubt those pushing the “It’s our fault theory” will try to dismiss all of the evidence above as explainable by other means. I’ve read nonsense like the planets are coming out of an ice age etc. This is rubbish and at the very best still does not explain why it’s all happening at the same time.

Now enter the theory of an outside force acting on the solar system to cause this heating. Suddenly you have a much more reasonable and fitting explaination for what is going on. The question some of you (who are unfamalier with what governments and secret governments get upto behind the Public Relations Viel) will ask why would they lie? The awnser is obvious. What we are experiencing now is truely nothing in comparison to how bad it will get in the future. Those people who sit high in their positions of safety and power do not want to cause a panic. This includes mounting a massive campaign to conceal the truth. Isn’t this what we are witnessing now!

The governments are aware of what the future holds for us all on earth, and as such have been preparing by building massive underground bases so that a select few can go underground and wait it out whilst those less fortunate are left on the surface without any support. They have sent probes out to take photos of planet X as is reported by a vatican insider, (below).

A photo supposedly of Planet X
I believe the coming earth changes are the main reason for trying to speed up the process of getting people microchipped and their main motivation for tightening border controls. A mass panic would see people fleeing to high altitude areas and would quickly cripple and collapse the current power structure that these elitist snobs rely upon to execute their control over the populace.

So what will happen? How will it get worse? What will be experiencing in just a few years time? Some believe winds of upto 400 miles per hour will be one extreme weather we will have to cope with…No building could stand upto that unless dome shaped. The magnetic field of the incoming planet x could very possibly cause a pole-shift, and others believe the magnetic shield of earth will be brought down allowing lethal amounts of solar radiation to reach the surface of earth.

They don’t want you to know any of this, you won’t hear this on the radio, you won’t watch it on your TV, you wont read it in your newspaper. Go and listen to the archived shows on it is probably one of the best sources of information out there on Planet X.

Regardless of where people say Planet X is currently located, and it varies, the evidence speaks for itself. Let’s not also forget that scientist now know that over 90% of the solar systems in our galaxy are binary star systems. Looks like ours is too. The other common question is why can’t we see it. Well we can’t see the planets on the edge of our solar system because of poor visibility and sheer distance. Not to mention the fact that Planet X is believed to be a Dark Star. As it gets closer this will change.

Planet X is on an eliptical orbit, and passes the earth every several thousand of years according to a historical account given in the Kolbrin Bible. It would explain why we are able to find artifacts, man made artifacts that pre-date known civilisations. Because Planet X probably wiped them out too. Planet X is even mentioned in some of the worlds oldest ancient texts. Don’t expect them to tell you the truth, there is too much at stake.

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