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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Feb 24, 2013

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May your noses always find your way home; wherever that may turn out to be.
I could have said it before but I can definitely say it now ♫What a long strange trip it’s been♫ Before I get into the tale, a little disclaimer needs to be put out there. I’ve said things like this before but it appears they need to be said again. I’ll only speak the truth here and the readers can take it or leave it. Since I had my profound kundalini experience at the age of 21, I have had the ‘misfortune’ of having people following me around and this has been exacerbated by supernatural events, which only served to enhance the reasons people were following me around in the first place. It got so bad sometimes that I had to flee the town I was living in; whether it was Palm Springs, CA, Victory Blvd in LA, Paradise Valley in Arizona, or wherever.
At first I behaved myself and went along with the program. Then I found if I incorporated certain human weaknesses into my persona that this would dilute things. Well, that got a little out of hand in the late 80s, so I had to back off on that and go back to how I used to be. The same problem came right back up so, again… I went back and forth between behaving and misbehaving and that can be wearying. It occurred to me to start doing things at a distance and staying away from people; ergo, the blogs and books and that worked pretty well for some years, until people started flying in and occasionally disturbing the household, meaning Susanne. Most people who come here like the blogs and books. Susanne does not. She is afraid of the trouble that some of the things I say will bring, although no trouble has ever come and… that seems to be at the heart of the problems I have had with most people (there aren’t that many of them) that I have had problems with. They are afraid of what might happen but nothing ever does.
Over recent times, I have received emails and the occasional comment about people having dreams that I am God. One commentator saw me with six arms. I suppose that could be useful. I recognize that there is a certain contingent of people who will get very resentful when they hear about me being referred to this way, I can’t help that but the record states that things like this happen to me and they happened again in India, which was, by turns pleasant and unpleasant. In any case, I make no claims to that specific and… until I do, I shouldn’t have to catch any shit about it.
In the case of negative engagements, I am not going to name names. I had a visitor when I was in India. Once again it was a case of ‘what might happen’ but nothing did. Before I left for India, I was warned about ‘hidden enemies’. I was warned from several sources about this. I promptly forgot. After my guest turned on me, in what seemed no time at all, everyone I had had a problem with in the past, suddenly showed up either to gloat or harass. I’m a bit naive at times. It took me a little while to realize I had been set up.
I was living in this apartment with no problem. I was visiting someone next door each day. He left town and the moment he was gone, my landlord’s son came after me saying I was disturbing the neighborhood by crying out “Oh my God” in the night. I might have done but isn’t India one of the few places where that should be perfectly fine? What it was, was, he was after my computer and I got 20,000 rupees extorted out of me before I left. My rickshaw driver, Gopal Krishna instantly got me a place right down the street. For 2 weeks, I visited this supposed friend back up the street. I did a lot of book editing for him and gave him a substantial amount of money to cover whatever expenses I might create hanging out with him. Once all my work for him was finished he started acting very weird. I asked him if he was upset with me. He said he wasn’t and why should he be? Then a few minutes later he launched into a tirade. Some of it was very bizarre. He was yelling at me about dropping my Asus Transformer. He was yelling at me about my rickshaw driver hanging out at my apartment. He was incensed that I was tipping him well and said I was ruining it for everyone else who would now have to pay more (absurd). I’ll admit to drinking a lot of beer; given what I was feeling about my pending domestic separation, based to some degree on the work I’ve been doing here and, once again, the fear of what might happen but… never does. Anyway, this caused no problem around my regular associates, just my temporary guest; odd that.
Gopal showed up with his guru, an impressive fellow who also said I was God and that I knew everything. This I know cannot be true. I realized I had to get out of there because a few days earlier, one of my invisible friends showed up and said, “Don’t you realize that you have powerful enemies?” I couldn’t figure out how I got myself into such a state over a domestic change, when I know ‘everything is under control’ and that I am just being moved into a new environment, more suitable for and more supportive of what I do. This locale is presently unknown but I suspect it will surface in the next two or three months that I remain here. I was told that I was being focused on by a group of the Satanic type and while I was being told this, a window opened in my mind and I could clearly see the practitioners chanting. I know how strange all this sounds but it is true. I was told I was being rendered into the state I was in because it gave easier access to me and a greater opportunity for harm. I resolved upon my return to cease all such activity and it appears I am going to get to do this. So far, so good.
Over the last days I was there, various Indians were showing up at my door. On the final day, there was near a dozen of them. Gopal came in with these ridiculously large leis of red roses and put one around my neck and one around his gurus. Then he draped an orange shawl around both of our shoulders. A fellow with a guitar and amplifier set up. He was flat out incredible. He could play in any style. We rocked the house for a few hours; one of the best experiences I have ever had. Gopal’s guru told me a few things. I won’t repeat them.
Remember the part where I was supposed to be making too much noise? There was a gangster funeral that took place over the course of two days and two nights and the fireworks and explosions shook the house. No one said a word. There was a couple down the street, right in my same neighborhood, who screamed at each other into the night. Bizarre.
So… I gave Gopal my computer, my inverter battery, which powers everything when the power goes off for hours each day. I gave him the Asus, when it comes out of the shop. All of this and various accessories are worth a considerable amount of money. My invisible friend said to me early on, “Don’t be cheap and I won’t be cheap with you”. Gopal and I left for the airport a few hours away, driven in a taxi by his childhood friend, Ramul. We stayed in a good hotel and ate in a fine restaurant. It wasn’t cheap. It was money I didn’t even have; futures money …but… the cosmos will provide as all shall see in time.
I was not sure I would make it back. I had an ominous feel from even before I left. Several readers didn’t think I would make it back. One of them was going to come and get me. It came close to happening in Frankfart; one of the coldest towns I have ever been in but that tale, rather complex, will be saved for the next posting. It is an anecdotal delight.
Let me close by saying, I don’t claim to be divine, anymore than any of the rest of us already are or will be. I haven’t handled all of this very well at times but… I now know things that I did not know before, which should make things substantially easier for me. There’s nothing I can do about my situation, except to look forward with optimism toward whatever is going to appear out of the mist. Something will, of course …and the thing for me to keep in mind… and all of the rest of you as well, is that change is a good thing, though often undesirable from a present perspective. However, it can lead to the most remarkable places and experiences if we let it. Often enough, the changes that come are based upon our attitude and intention. It’s a good thing to keep this in mind. Also, that I do things for the purpose of demonstration, to see what people are made of. People reveal themselves. For some, it’s no big deal. They take it in stride and become my friends. For others, it’s just as well and definitely so for me.
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