Visas For Muslims?

Homeland Security Gauleiter Michael Chertoff says he wants British citizens of Pakistani origin to apply for a visa before they visit the United States. Currently, all British citizens are covered by a visa waiver program to visit the United States. Perhaps Mr. Chertoff might consider having British Pakistanis wear a sewn yellow crescent on their outer garments to make them more identifiable. Chertoff should also consider what constitutes a “British Pakistani.” If a British citizen has one Pakistani grandfather, does that mean that he or she is a “Pakistani?” Perhaps Chertoff should create a British “racial purity” scheme to determine what makes one a Pakistani under US law. Do Punjabis, Baluchis, Sindhis, Baltis, Kashmiris, and Pashtuns all qualify equally under Chertoff’s “British Pakistani” racial laws? When a British Pakistani receives a US visa perhaps it would be a good idea if Mr. Chertoff orders the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement tattoo their US visa number on his or her arm to make them more trackable. Oh, one more thing Mr. Chertoff. How many Pakistani hijackers were aboard the four passenger planes commandeered on 9/11?