First 2007 Crop Circle

Charles Mallet – June April 16, 2010

“This circle glyph was discovered from the air around noon on April 15, 2007. It sits alongside (the hill fort) of Oliver’s Castle near Devizes, Wiltshire, and can be seen from the Castle embankment. The pattern spans across 333 feet of the field with the outer ring of the main circle measuring 33-feet-wide. Seven arcs, each approximately 5-feet-wide cut through the central body of the circle.

“Even though this formation was reported April 15, all indications on the ground point towards it having been around for at least two days. Much of the crop is fully recovered to its original upright growing position, with no damage sustained to this portion of the crop. About half of the crop that is still laid down is unbroken and continuing to grow horizontally, while the other half of the still-downed crop is damaged by agencies unknown at this time.”

These Rape-Seed (Canola) stems were taken from within the formation some days after it was first reported. The steep rigid bends seen here at the base of these very brittle stems were prevalent throughout the laid crop in the formation in a more or less even distribution, as were many broken examples, that appear to be the result of foot stomping, perhaps by previous visitors, or some other mechanical actions. The plants that exhibited such anomalous bending at the base continue to grow parallel with the ground.

Seen from the ground.
An aerial view of the crop circle.