Gold – Confiscation of Middle Class Wealth?

by Thom Beecham – ( Feb 21, 2013

Beecham is a self-employed investor and trader with 17 years trading and investing experience.
This is addressed to those shills and “experts” screaming about $3,000 gold and $150 silver…
Do you think the New World Order will allow you to keep that much money outside their system? Of course not. It seems apparent that both metals were purposely driven up to unsustainable heights, and are being methodically beaten down in an orchestrated plan, so that we do not look to them as a barometer of financial decay. The NWO needs total obedience to their beast system and all major nations are in on it.
So stop listening to the people shilling gold and especially silver. First of all, silver is not the monetary metal it is claimed to be as 90% is used for industrial off take. Most buyers of silver are now heavily underwater. Gold is the true monetary metal of kings and nations. If you want to own precious metals, then buy gold in bullion form. I recommend accumulating gold over time as it is much less volatile and offers better price protection than silver.
However, the globalists will make it so unbearable for most precious metal (PM) investors that they will regret ever buying any.  Sadly, Joe six-pack makes the mistake of choosing silver. He is inexperienced and is easily duped by the compromised patriot community. The only things he gets are capital losses and heartache.


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