Exposing Sex Ed, Judith Reisman Causes Storm in Croatia

Below – Reisman Awarded Medal from City of Zagreb  

by Ina Vukic – (Sex on the Brain; Freedom Down the Drain edited by henrymakow.com)

The recently introduced sex education in Croatian schools (about which I have written before) has caused consternation in the community, and a serious rift between the Church and the State.  The cancellation of “Picture of Croatia” TV show and termination of its head journalist Karolina Vidovic-Kristo for including extracts from “Kinsey Syndrome” in her coverage reveals an ugly side of [socialist style] democracy and freedom.
Certainly, there’s a strong stench of intolerance coming from the current Social Democrats-led government in Croatia. One might say it’s quite similar to the smell that pervaded communist Yugoslavia. A governing party representative said that expressions of different thinking should be banned. No wonder people are calling the current government Communists.
The government’s apparent intolerance metastasized in the uncivilized attacks on views of Dr. Judith Reisman, an American cultural conservative best known for her exposure of Alfred Kinsey. She blames him for much of the cultural decay and sexual permissiveness that affect today’s societies

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