Fluoridegate an American Tragedy – a David Kennedy film

Introduction by Paul Powers – Feb 19, 2013

A new documentary entitled Fluoridegate an American Tragedy was recently released about the horrific dangers of sodium fluoride (by product of aluminum waste). It has been standard protocol to inject this neurotoxin into the public drinking water system of the United States of America since the post word war II era. The Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler fluoridated the water for many of the inmates in its network of concentration camps to help keep them passive and compliant. After the 1945 allied victory, this program was targeted (not on prisoners as was the case in Germany) at the entire American people as a whole. The information contained in this new documentary is not new at all. Fluoridation is just one piece of the poison. 
In 1988, the late and great Eustace Mullins published Murder by Injection The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America based on forty years of investigative research. In addition to fluoride, Mr. Mullins covers vaccinations, cancer, aids, the food supply and more. Most importantly he identifies the names, titles, and institutions of those responsible including an entire chapter on the Rockefeller syndicate. Included is a 30-minute interview with the author about this amazing book.

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