‘Human Gas Chambers’ and the Church of Satan

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Feb 17, 2013

God, the creator, loves all creation.
Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he wanted to be God (Isaiah 14:12-14)
The Talmud, the ‘holy book’ of Orthodox Judaism has no God save for “The Jewish People”. That is, the God of the Rabbis is themselves and their followers. ‘Salvation’ will come through them. So complete is their rejection of God and so sure are they of their special status that they declare all non-Jewish humankind as not human at all but ‘goyim’, or ‘cattle’. No equality before or humility before a universal God for them. 
These people, like Lucifer himself, will BE God.
So, Orthodox Judaism can be accurately described as the Church of Lucifer, as can Freemasonry, a covertly supremacist religion that is simply ‘Talmudism for gentiles’. Read the man who wrote its oaths, Albert Pike, proclaim his Luciferianism openly.
Let us recognise that ‘Lucifer’ and the Orthodox vision of ‘The Jewish People’ are synonyms for the same thing. 
That spiritual force that would overthrow the God of Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Beauty. 
While God loves, fully affirms and empowers all His creation, this force seeks the subjugation and destruction of everything that does not serve IT’S interests.
Where has the great lie of ‘the human gas chambers’ placed ‘the Jewish people’?
We can see that today Christ has been displaced in the collective psyche as our exemplar of innocent suffering by this gang ( the self-styled ‘Jewish people’) who for more than 2000 years have declared their determination to make Gods of themselves. 
From their perspective the project to displace and ‘become’ God must look like it is going very well indeed.
Here’s a question. When we were inducted into this belief in the existence of human gas chambers by the endless propaganda that has been rolled out over the past 40+ years were we also being inducted into de-facto membership of this Church of Lucifer? 
In so much as we are submissive to this great lie (of very special, uniquely evil suffering) are we serving Lucifer and attacking our own benign creator?
Those, i.e. most of us, who believe the lie are certainly wrapped in Lucifer’s chains. 
We have lost truth.
And we will not liberate ourselves nor our children from a great oppression until we discover and establish it.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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