Is China Part of the New World Order?

by Anthony Migchels – ( Feb 16,2013

To many it is unclear whether China is incorporated in the New World Order or a real competitor to Anglo-American Imperialism. 
There is little doubt that the Money Power co-opted the leadership of the Land of the Dragon a long time ago.
History shows that the Money Power has several tools to motivate peoples in the right direction. Their fingerprints are all over China.
In his excellent analysis of the power brokers in China, St. John Bartholomew reminds us that Marxism is a Money Power operation and that Mao did their bidding. Mao was apparently educated at Yale’s department in China. Yale’s Skull and Bones were very active in Asia and Mao was probably a member. Most American diplomats sent to him were so too.
According to Bartholomew, the triads, China’s mafia-style secret societies, were built up by Masons to combat the Qing dynasty that ruled China until the 19th century and resisted the Opium the British needed to sell to China because they had nothing else to exchange for its vast riches.
The membership list of the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefeller confab similar to the Atlantic Bilderbergers, is littered with Chinese names.


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