How Many Gay Politicians are Sociopaths?

by Frank D’Amiano – ( Feb 14, 2014

People have let their guard down on homosexuality and are in the phase of acceptance. That is, making excuses for them. I hear, “I don’t care if they hold public office as long as they keep it private” or, “”it’s their private life”.
Unfortunately homosexuals are insidious in any position of power over others.  It is a personality disorder with definable features. The foremost problem is that homosexuals are obsessed with sex on multiple levels, and they tend to be blind to certain boundaries.  This is why normal cultures have always made it a taboo.
Eckart Tolle said something peculiar about homosexuals in an interview:
“As you approach adulthood, uncertainty about your sexuality followed by the realization that you are “different” from other may force you to dis-identify from socially conditioned patterns of thought and behavior. This will automatically raise your level of consciousness above the unconscious majority.”

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