Voice of the White House April 22, 2007

“This report covers three subjects: The plan to take over and completely control the U.S. internet; and the Russian responses to publication of plots against Putin.

The current power structure of the United States exercises almost complete control over both the print and television media. They do not, however, control the flow of information, some it potentially disastrous, on the internet. An uncontrolled internet has exposed many lies and plots against the public safety and so, the current administration reasons, it must come under strict governmental control.

Therefore, there is now pending a joint attempt by the Department of Justice, FBI, and DEA to bring all access to the Internet within the scope of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The current CALEA legislation gives law enforcement agencies access to communications traffic under specific legal conditions and constraints.

The vehicle for this control, which is slated to be under the Department of Defense, is the so-called Internet2. This is to be a regional internet program and at present, it is controlled by the FBI but in the event this is officially expanded to take over internet control on a national level, it will then be controlled by the DoD.
At the present time, a number of very prominent and well-used internet and telecommunication services, such as Google, SBC, AOL and others, report directly to government agencies on the activities of their subscribers and users. For example, Google automatically notes any searches for subjects the government deems “inappropriate” such as interest in any group or philosophy in the Muslim world, any interest in technical subjects such as bombs or pathogens or any and all persons expressing anger with the government or any of its agencies or personnel.

Telecommunication companies fall all over each other to send daily reports on telephone, fax and other communications send or received by such of their patrons whose names have been supplied to the companies. These can be as harmless as anti-draft groups, Democrat activists, anyone expressing anti-Semitic views and so on. (Editor’s note: linked here a long and technical article on the same subject.)

The political situation in Russia is reaching a boiling point with the public utterances of Boris Berezovsky, a former oligarch and once top man in the Russian oil industry.

When it turned out he and others planned to sell theior controlling shares to American and English oil companies, in essence, Putin kicked them out of Russia. Most of them fled in terror to Mother Israel, taking billions of dollars of loot with them.

Most are living very quietly but Berezovsky has a huge ego and a bigger mouth and he, and other less verbose ex-oligarchs, are openly plotting to stir up civil dissent inside Russia with the avowed intention of either getting the hated Putin assassinated or deposed.

They have the full support of Israel and the United States in these plans because if Putin falls, all the oil and gas will be removed from state control and given back the oligarchs and the long delayed sale to Western oil interrests will go forward.

Couple this with Dick Cheney’s pathological hatred of Putin (as an evil “Communist” which he is not) and both Cheney and Bush’s fanatical support of any project Israel puts forward, this is seen in many agencies as instigating an anti-Semitic wave spreacing throughout Russia.

For this reason, the US press is now attacking Putin as a dictator but because of his loud noises, Berezovsky has had to leave England ahead of a deportation order and flee back to the safety of Israel (that country will never extradite a Jew to a foreign country, not even the recent new arrival who murdered someone and tried to burn the remains in his backyard barbecue pit)

The average Russian is very anti-Semitic, remembering their terribile and prolonged suffering under Stalin’s secret police, (40 millions were put to death during Stalin reign of terror) who were almost entirely Jewish in composition.

The growing stridency of the Jewish oligarchy against Putin is resulting in a ressurgence of anti-Semitism in Russia and one of my very best sources in the State Department tells me that it appears from their intelligence branch that such very rich personages in Russia as Oleg Deripaska of the aluminum giant RUSAL, and Roman Abrahamovich, a former partner and co-religionist ofwho has been associated with Deripaska, and who is heavily involved in SIBNEFT with Berezovsky, are slated for the axe (read deportation to Israel or a bullet in the back of the neck) and their holdings immediately siezed by the state and amagalmated into a massive state-owned resource trust.

Abramovich, who now lives in England where he is the richest Jew in the country, is a strong supporter of Jewish causes in Russia and Israeli and has funded several projects in the Abramovich neighborhood in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. He is known to be the biggest donor to the Jewish organization Chabad-Lubavitch.

When word of this putsch reached American sources, they at once informed the Israelis and together, a joint campaign was launched against Putin and his people, both in the intelligence communities and the American media.

Cheney is not a sane man but it is one thing to plot against a weak Iraq and quite another to pick a quarrel with a Russia that has a large aresenal of atomic weapons and a formidable military force. Bush is not actually a main party to this Get-Putin movement because he is now absolutely obsessed with protecting the vile Rove and the worthless Rodriguez, and getting one up on Congress over the failed war in Iraq but his blind support of Israel will drag him along the path of increasing, and appalingly stupid, confrontation with a country the U.S. could well have become an ally of after the fall of the Soviet Union.

It’s too bad some genuine American patriots engineered the removel of former insect exermnator cum Born-Agan- Jesus -Freak, Tom Delay. Just think of what he could do to our useless and criminally stupid leaders with a long afternon and six tanks trucks of cyanide spray. Then we would have our very own Sacred Holocaust to bleat about for the next ten decades and use as a national fundraiser for condos for Congressmen in Florida, with nubile Kushner-trained houseboys for Republicans like Foley.”

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