White Male Feels Dispossessed & Betrayed

By Dennis – henrymakow.com  Feb 13, 2013

The problem with getting women to accept their passive nature and allow men to lead,  as you suggest in “Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality” is that many white men no longer can provide for their families due to “Affirmative Action.”
Women are deciding to either go it alone or marry someone that can get a decent job.  I’ve heard countless times American women expressing prejudice toward India for arranged marriages. Is this any different?  Double standard.
White men – the majority of men in America – are being held out of jobs.  I am married to a woman who happens to have two sisters. All three are married.  All three have jobs that pay 50k or more.  It’s so easy for women to get jobs.
Us three husbands all have more education than the girls and are older but cannot find work.  We have to take odd-job work and end up spending more than we make on the supplies.  This sucks.

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