Accused Gunman Christopher Dorner Issues Statement… “It’s Not Me!”

Jimmy Olsentwins – Palookaville Post Feb 9, 2013

Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer who is accused of murdering three people and threatening to continue his vengeful killings, has issued a statement that claims he has no connection to the Southern California murders, and he is falsely accused.

The statement was received by a local news organization via fax from a Cabo San Lucas hotel early Saturday.

“It’s not me!,” Dorner says in the statement. “I have been out of town on vacation and just heard the news that I am blamed for killings I did not and never would commit. This “manifesto” the police are using against me is just a few ideas for a screenplay I am working on with my former colleague Mark Fuhrman. Tell my mom I’m OK. Once again… the cops have it all wrong…. I will soon be in touch.”

With that news the massive dragnet laid out for the fugitive ex-cop, more than 10,000 officers, abandoned their fruitless search in the snowy, densely forested mountains around Big Bear Lake and moved across the Mexican border, and are headed to Cabo San Lucas at the tip of Baja, California.

“This could be another one of the crazy gunman’s tricks,” said an off duty security guard. “More than likely he is holed up in a bunker and just sitting in front of a television watching the cops chase their tails. If he believes the cops embarrassed him…. I’l bet he wants to pay them back. He wants them to look like fools.”

Until the letter was received at the offices of The Palookaville Post, the trail had gone cold since Dorner’s Nissan Titan pickup was found Thursday morning engulfed in flames on a U.S. Forest Service dirt in the mountains of Southern California. Police believe it is a very good possibility that the suspect has fled his mountain hideaway, and is in Cabo San Lucas because it is logistically feasible.

“Initial reports on Thursday showed that Dorner had attempted to steal a boat from a local marina,” said a San Diego Harbor Master. “Cabo is a 36 hour ride by boat from here which would put him in town right about this time. With cops watching the airports, train and bus terminals… a quiet boat ride down the coast makes for a great getaway.”

Few are looking into the possibility that Dorner is innocent as he claims in his statement, and both the Police and the mainstream media are focusing on finding the former cop, saying he has killed three people and injured others in a campaign to take revenge on those he blamed for his dismissal from the LAPD four years ago.

Looking at the track record of their recent erroneous coverage of events like the Sandy Hook school massacre where they labeled the wrong man as a child killer for hours, the ratings hungry media is also likely to be incorrect about many of the details regarding the Dorner manhunt story because they care only for ratings, and very little about the truth.

“Police are accusing him of killing the daughter of a retired LAPD captain and her fiance,” said the security guard. “Once one of their own goes down, the cops turn into crazed sharks with blood in the water and they stop objectively analyzing the evidence. More than likely the detectives have no other clues besides a posting on Facebook, and a former cop who is pretty pissed off.”

The Palookaville Post has learned that with 24 hour coverage on radio and TV warning citizens that an armed and deadly homicidal psychopath was on the loose and is out to kill anything that moves, Southern California has become what appears to be a ghost town as the media has driven people to an unimaginable level of fear.

Whether it’s a lone gunman or a over-hyped storm, a mild water shortage or a harmless Morman politician, a news story is always an opportunity for the main stream media to frighten it’s viewers, and people will continue to grow more and more distressed as the ratings climb higher.


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