British Criminal Cold War Experiments

In the early 1970s the English Channel was the busiest shipping lane in the world, and would often be used by various nations for testing defense initiatives. As a younger man, we had a senior British intelligence officer on board our ship one night that instructed us to wait until the wind was blowing toward the British coast. When that happened he ordered the lids removed from three large metal containers on deck, so that the fine dust contained therein would be blown toward the shore. Suddenly, excitement broke loose as we saw some strange experimental craft; these were very low in the water, camouflaged, fast and almost invisible to the naked eye, but silent. We watched as about 10 in all went past some distance away at high speed.

From our own analysis, we thought these were low troop carriers where men would crawl in and lay down side by side with about 30-40 men to a craft. The worry was that this might have been a Soviet exercise, but we were subsequently told it was that of an E.E.C member country. Nonetheless, using this as a diversion we rummaged the papers of the intelligence man, who would spy on us, and in turning the tables discovered that he was overseeing a chemical warfare experiment on his own people.

During the mid seventies, a London Tower block had its basement and bottom floor taken over by an innocent looking council storage depot, but internally it was used to train operatives to avoid Soviet brain washing techniques.

This training was not pleasant. It was carried out in a large plastic soundproofed tank, which contained blood temperature heavy thick saltwater. You were put in a sensory deprivation suit, tied to the side of the tank, and then blood temperature air was pumped in, so that in the dark you could not tell which part of you was in the water and what was not. After some hours like this you would hallucinate, and thoughts became real. I remember struggling to touch the side and my toe just made contact with the plastic tank, and I was hysterical with laughter.

However, one guy was left in too long and he lost his memory.

The point is that this same unit would discuss the releasing of certain germ warfare gases on the London Underground, some during the day and some during S.A.S. hostage rescue manoeuvres at night.

Originally, the London Cage as it was known, was designed to interrogate and torture captured Germans after the war. Although officially it was supposed to hold some 3,500 prisoners, unofficially it held many more. Lt. Col. Alexander Scotland saw many men tortured to death or used in germ warfare experiments conducted under the auspices of the now notorious Porton Down military research laboratories. Documentation of much of this and other tests conducted on the public under cover of the “common cold experiments” up until the sixties, found its way into the Soviet archives.

These research findings were transferred to Russia with the assistance of the huge numbers of British socialist sympathizers. Crucially, it was felt that although many animal experiments had been carried out, none of them could accurately predict how humans would cope with the various gas attacks.

Which made experiments on an unwitting public all the more necessary.

Gas canisters were released in London, Essex and later in East Anglia in experiments run by Porton Down to determine the spread of disease as a weapon of war. Much of the documentation on these experiments carried out on complete innocents contains the signature of Sir Richard Doll.

Such cold-blooded attitudes accompanied by outright denial can be seen today in the authorities attitude toward Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

Growing numbers of soldiers are stricken with GWS, which afflicts their children and grandchildren, yet the very government that sent them into the war still denies the reason behind it. The real causes of illness like Morgellons disease, and the multiple chemical sensitivity range of disorders lie here too. A splendid article in The Daily Mail of Dec 30, 2006, exposed clusters of cancers that are 20% higher in East Anglia, this among other conditions, such as bad coughs and strange chest infections from secret clouds of toxic gas releases.

Such ailments are well known to doctors at the Kings Lynn Hospital, East Anglia, who have also seen numerous children born with ear complaints, which they are told to put down to crop spraying chemicals in the area and chemical contaminants in the water. The Norwich hospital has in its employ a doctor who is said by staff to be “in the know” about hospital research into spiralling chest conditions in the area: such as cancer, asthma and C.O.P.D, [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease]. Some of the hospital staff also allege he is concealing data. For restricted documentation exists that suggest a possible link with cot death syndrome and house spraying with the pesticide organophosphate Methyl Parathion, which is also said to bring on occasional infant respiratory arrest.

Between the years 1957 and 1964 the Daily Mail, under newly released documentation, says over 100 secret experiments were carried out by the British government on its own people. Most of these tests were in heavy metal cadmium distribution that is linked particularly to throat cancers. The M.O.D. [Ministry of Defense], of course, dismisses the findings as no risk, but then why if there were no risk was it all done in secret? It is time now for some degree of transparency. We have just executed Saddam Hussein (allegedly. Ed.) for gas attacks on his own people, with, by the way, gas supplied by us, and hopefully some prosecutions will now follow in Britain for similar crimes. But don’t hold your breath, while doctors in hospitals still cover up what is going on.

Note: Richard Doll was an esteemed British epidemiologist who died in 2005. After his death, it was revealed that Doll received consulting payments from Monsanto, Dow Chemical, the Chemical Manufacturers’ Association, ICI, and the asbestos company, Turner and Newall. The London Cage, located in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens, was officially known as the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Center and was commanded by Lt. Col. Alexander Scotland, a former member of the German Army in Southwest Africa who, after joining the British Army, interrogated German prisoners in World War I.

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence