Woman Blames Feminism for Spoiling Her Life

by Stephanie – (henrymakow.com) Feb 9, 2013

I grew up without a Dad, and lived through much of the poverty and isolation perpetuated by the second wave of feminism.
When I was little, my Mom had big stacks of MS Magazine lying around, and so she was sucked in by the “big lie” also.
Yes, at that time, women were being harassed without protection at the workplace, domestic abuse was hidden, and “some” women felt miserable in their lives…BUT I STILL agree that these issues were used to undermine heterosexual marriage.
I didn’t live through all of those things, being born in 1970, but I have NO doubt my life would have been better if my Mom had known healthy relationships growing up and had been able to give me a two-parent home. (my Dad took off when I was two—leaving my Mom all alone.)

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