Carry on my Wayward Something or Other

Visible Origami – Feb 9, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be noses.
Okay, I’ve been gone for awhile. God is always working with me and that means putting me thru shit too. What some readers don’t get is that means I have to be shaken and stirred and roasted in the crucible of existence. If I was some phony like Mooji or any of the rest of those cats, I could play bad sax for a tone deaf audience… but I don’t do that kind of thing.
Some people have been saying some bad things about me. Some of them think this is some kind of comeuppance. If you think this, you don’t know me very well and you definitely don’t know God or how God operates. How many time do I have to say that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL and FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION?
Let me tell give you some PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Gopal wanted to take me to this reservoir dam; I had expressed an interest, so it was all set. He said he was bringing some other people. One of them he said was his uncle and one was his brother. We went in to town and picked them up.
Then we drove 30 K, over bad roads and came to this amazing place, with a crocodile farm and homeless, itinerant dogs. What a scene. I know crocodiles. I know why they are here and I know what they can do in the wild. I could tell you stories… but that is for another time.
We get to this location and Gopal tells me this guy is not his brother but his guru and he is 300 years old. Well truth be told, I don’t know about that but this guy knew things about me that I never told anyone but… which I do happen to know. He told me this was my last lifetime. How did he know that? I have never told anyone that.
He told me the quality of my thought and what my heart contained. At one point we had gone to an area and to have some drinks; Gopal had brought them. This little puppy came up to me. He could not have been more than 2 months old. I saw him and I wept like a baby and I gave him all my food. There was this guy was sweeping the perimeter and I called him over and I gave him significant rupees and I said we must have food for this dog. He delivered and I sat there and cried while that dog ate and Gopal’s uncle put his hand on shoulder and his guru was right there too. His guru has been in my apartment since and he says these things about me but Gopal doesn’t get it.
Last night after his guru left, he came back, cause he stays here most nights now and he does have a home. I knew he was hurting inside. See, Gopal has been a serious bad guy in his life. Martial artists always recognize each other. So we talked and I realized he wasn’t listening to me. Indians have this way of nodding their heads, no matter what… so I punched him in the heart with real force… but not with my hands and he cried, he broke down. I had to hold him; this hard… hard man, who has done some bad shit. I’m telepathic… it’s why we have this resonance; why some of you have even been cured of terminal diseases and you know who you are.
Everything is for the purpose of demonstration. Recently I have had people turn on me. I’ve had people I trusted believe shit that wasn’t true. I’m in no mood to prove it to them, even though I can. They have gotten their reward, or will and what I have gone through recently… FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Do you really think I am that stupid or weak?. I would never have gotten this far. God likes fucking with me (not God actually, he has already apologized about that).
Life is not what you think it is and whatever you think of me. You don’t know me, who I actually am or what I do and…I don’t care. I will get it done. I will get it done; end of story.
End Transmission 


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