It’s a Fake!!!

News Commentary – Feb 3, 2013

You’ve got to laugh. Faced with a newly developed Iranian jet fighter and Zionists’ and their allies in the corporate media first response is: “it’s a fake”!
We reserve judgement on that for now but if you said the same about the ‘Holocaust’ in some countries you would be facing jail.
Interestingly enough, those cries of “it’s a fake” come from those countries where you would face prosecution for ‘Holocaust denial’.
So is Iran’s latest military showpiece a fake?
Business Insider went into a detailed analysis to explain why the Qaher 313 was. Concluding that Iran is “famous for building models and systems it never intends to fly”.
Similar reports appeared elsewhere, in Flight global for example, which implied that the Qaher 313 was little more than an “April fool’s joke”:
Being so small, despite the Iranians’ insistence that this is a genuine combat aircraft, there can’t be that much room for fuel, let alone weapons, onboard. There doesn’t appear to be much room for avionics such as radar or anything else for that matter. There also appears to be few, if any, access panels, which is weird.
All of which seems to assume that what was presented was the finished product and not a working prototype or a work in progress. Or indeed, that certain key elements such as avionic components were omitted or concealed for security purposes.
So is the Qaher 313 another in a long line of ”models and systems” that Iran “never intends to fly”? Although its exact performance details have yet to be announced and confirmed we think that the Qaher 313 is real enough.
And although it has yet to be seen in flight, we doubt whether it is a cardboard cut out.
Nonetheless, such allegations underline the fact that there is an ongoing campaign of disinformation against Iran that aims to undermine and ultimately overthrow Tehran’s rulers – a campaign that is being conducted with the assistance of the corporate media.
Only five days ago stories surfaced about a blast at Iran’s nuclear facility at Fordow. Hundreds were reportedly “trapped underground by the blasts”.
Those reports were subsequently denied by Iran and the IAEA.
So what are we supposed to believe?
Perhaps as a guide we should recall all those stories about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Remember them? One of the great lies of the 21st century that led to the invasion of Iraq and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.
All of which brought us belatedly to the realisation that Iraq had no WMD to start with.
So are we going to fall for the same misleading stories about Iran from the same outlets that tried to sell us stories about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction? For on the one hand the very same corporate media that speculated endlessly about Saddam’s non-existent WMD are now doing the same over allegations that Iran is developing WMD.
While on the other hand they routinely rubbish Iran’s claimed achievements in defence technology.
There is a double-edged strategy at play here. Numerous stories implying that Iran is developing WMD – just as there once was about Iraq – coupled with suggestions that Iran’s claimed achievements in conventional weapons technology are false.
So that if we have to face Iran militarily over its alleged WMD, the prospect won’t be so daunting. Because, after all, Iran’s claimed advanced conventional weapons are fake anyway. Unlike its alleged WMD, which pose a threat to us all and must be dealt with, or so it’s implied by our corporate media.
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