Terror in Algeria and Morocco: A Warning to France?

More false flag terror attacks prior to French presidential elections? Just days prior to the French presidential election which pits anti-North African Muslim conservative Nicolas Sarkozy, supported by the international neo-con clique, against a Socialist and centrist candidate, bombs have gone off in Algeria and Morocco. The attacks have been blamed on “Al Qaeda,” the neo-cons’ favorite (and likely controlled) bogeyman.

Three car bomb attacks killed 33 people in Algiers. A group claiming to be the Al Qaeda franchise in North Africa said it carried out the bombings. Three would-be suicide bombers blew themselves up in Casablanca while being pursued by police. Tunisia is on alert for possible terrorist attacks by “Al Qaeda.”

French Interior Minister Francois Baroin, Sarkozy’s replacement, immediately used the bombings in North Africa to claim that France was under threat of terrorism — conveniently just prior to the election in which Sarkozy has made the threat of North African Muslim immigrants and terrorism a key issue. Neo-con outlets like the Times of London and Time magazine are now reporting that the North African bombings are a warning to France.

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