Cutting Out The Middle Man

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Jan 28, 2013

The education system in the UK is being taken over by corporations.
Government is in the process of cutting out the middle man (i.e. itself).
Our banking/corporate masters obviously know that they own this thing we call ‘government’. Thankfully, increasing numbers of the general public understand this too.
We understand that democracy, like the ‘humanitarian’ justifications for the state of perpetual war in which we find ourselves, is a sham.
A lie.
Returning to education, we have seen Corporations take over schools under the new ‘Academies’ system.
Here you can see the latest step in turning your local school into a just another branch of Sainsbury’s, Marks &Spencer or Tesco.
It is called the Vivo Miles ‘reward’ card, whereby students can build up points, awarded by their teachers that can be converted into money off next time they purchase an iPhone, games or whatever. See a sample rewards page here.
This system is already operating within many UK schools. I’ve seen sixth-formers bandying their cards about. The students I came across were quite excited by the idea. They liked it.
Can no educationalist or head teacher see a possible downside to this?Not one?Is it right that we allow our schools to connect all the endeavors of schoolchildren directly with material rewards?Is ‘filthy lucre’ to become the measure of everything?

What will become of the very notion of ‘virtue’?

The aspiration to spiritual development?

Of our commitment to each other?

Of learning and character development for their own sakes?

What happens when children and schools become addicted to this monstrous incentive system and ‘Vivo Miles’ can lay the law down to any institution that sponsors an activity or idea of which it does not approve?

We are so far down the wrong road already that it might seem pathetic and futile to quibble about what appears to be a relatively small (or even benign, if one is feeble minded) development.
But this is how it’s done, folks.
This is how the Orwellian world arrives.
Little creeping step by creeping step.
Drip, drip, drip.
Eventually, rest assured that the other layer of ‘middle-men’ (and women),
will be removed from the process too.
Our grandchildren will get their information and cultural bearings direct from source via computers
With the nicest possible personalities
And, doubtless, lots of ‘Vivo Miles’ points to give away.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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